Bringing Business Automation Software Solutions into Your Daily Processes

Technology has the power to be disruptive in a good way if you understand how and where to implement innovative ideas. When computers were introduced two decades ago, the innovation created a breakthrough in business allowing people to complete tasks faster.

The internet made communication easier and many firms are doing overseas projects while staying connected at all times, made possible by powerful smartphones. So, what’s the next big thing that’s going to flabbergast you?

Blockchain technology? AI? Big Data?

Not exactly because these are still in their budding stages and might take years to become mainstream. However, there is one thing – Business automation software solutions that could be the next big thing in the world of business. They can efficiently change an organization’s workflow and take the humans out of the equation. By doing so, it also gets rid of human errors, delays, wrong commands,s or failure to provide a timely response that continues to disrupt business operations.

What Can Business Process Automation Do in an Organization?

A business process automation solution will focus on the range of day-to-day processes carried out by teams in different departments such as the operations, admin, IT, human resources, and finance.

Many processes require a lot of paperwork, approval, and information gathering. By default, most organizations take hours and days to complete the processes. HRs need a couple of days to complete employee onboarding while the finance team needs a day or two to add a new employee’s details in the excel sheet. IT or Admin team will take days to get a computer or laptop assigned. This is just one of the many processes as there are others like invoice approval, vendor management, client database management, and many others done manually.

The business process software helps automate nearly every departments’ daily tasks. It achieves the impossible by sending timely notifications, using pre-defined parameters to avoid errors, and creating a digital copy of the entire conversation as well as files handled making it easy to audit whenever required.

The Different Types of Processes

  1. Business Process Management
  2. Business Process Improvement
  3. Business Process Automation
BPM – Business Process Management and BPI – Business Process Improvement

Business Process Management refers to the entire process of a company that is interconnected with one another and should be handled efficiently for the organization to keep functioning.

Business Process Improvement refers to improving the efficiency of BPM and getting rid of errors or time delays caused by the people working on the task.

In other words, both BPM and BPI pertain to a company and its processes carried out by multiple teams including HR & Admin, IT Operations, Finance, and Sales & Marketing. The process is like the internet where every task is connected to one another on a smaller level and is also the base for the complete network that enables the business to function.

BPA – Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation is where the real innovation and change begins as it enables a company’s business processes to be automated for improved perfection, reduced turnaround time, and ensuring that all decisions such as invoice approval, asset allocation are done in a timely manner. It leads to the organization’s growth besides boosting brand image among clients, vendors, and even employees.

BPA can be applied to nearly every task in a company on a large scale or can be applied to a specified department such as finance for employee leave management or the sales team to manage the customer database. While it might be slightly difficult to implement business process automation in the beginning, the benefits reaped are endless and contribute on an unprecedented level.

Cflow is a Business process automation software solution that allows you to streamline your business process. Be it business process management or improvement, it can help in a transparent environment where every employee will have access to information and managers will be notified to ensure there are no bottlenecks in any given process.

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