Fuzzy Search - Match, Find, and Compare Texts at a Stroke

Cflow introduces Fuzzy Search – an advanced match-and-find setup where data from your workflow database can be mapped and compared. Fuzzy Search on Cflow relieves you from the hurdle of manually searching and finding similar data.

fuzzy search

Choose the Range of Fuzziness of the Search Yourself

A fuzzy matching algorithm sets out a probe-like initiative that would approximately or accurately match the existing value to another value from a string of workflow databases that you choose. The feature of Fuzzy Search is more intricate and powerful than a normal search. Comparatively in a fuzzy search, the users are offered all possible matches with varying approximations and are not restricted to accurate searches only. An additional advantage is that these can be best used to detect any form of duplication regarding any data.

How does Fuzzy Search Work on Cflow –

A fuzzy search can be easily initiated on Cflow with a simple configuration. Here users can set up multiple fuzzy searches on different search fields. In the advanced setting of any workflow setup access Fuzzy Search, where the users are directed to the configuration of a new fuzzy search.

The three stages of the setup-

1. Configuration

In the initial configuration, the users can choose the workflow to be mapped and also select the number of days from which data needs to be searched. A small description can be added to the search initiated here.

2. Input

In the second stage, the possibilities are further broadened. The match percentage can be fixed for the fuzzy search by choosing the search field to be mapped. Here multiple fuzzy search input mapping can be added.

3. Output

In the output stage, the output field type (Section Fields/Table Fields), and the criteria for the field to be mapped can be set up. Save to end the configuration


Cflow’s Fuzzy Search Offers Users the following –

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