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capex workflow built using cflow visual designer

Visual Workflow Designer

It is a well known fact that humans communicate better visually than with words and with Cflow, we aim to make workflow automation easier than ever, with a visual workflow builder.

Drag and drop process stages, create rules automatically and set any process in motion. We strongly believe in the no-code ecosystem where everyone in your organization can create the processes relevant to their use case and the workflow management is not dependent on just the folks at IT.

With an intuitive user interface, the visual workflow builder simplifies the steps involved in creating a new workflow and you are ready to get going in a matter of minutes. The flowchart-based designer helps users visualize the actual working of a process and dramatically reduces the complexity in building workflows and setting rules.

The designer also provides a huge library of process templates that can be used as a good starting point for your process automation. These templates are organized by departments and use cases. We also have out of box solutions that provide a connected set of workflows neatly bundled together and ready to install and work with. With Cflow, What you see is what you get!

  • Easily build new workflows with simple drag and drop interface
  • An intuitive 2-step wizard-driven builder with visual cues
  • Tools to build your workflows quickly. More configuration options available in the Control Center after the workflow is published.
  • Pre-designed templates for a wide variety of processes
e-commerce workflow flow chart customization

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