Auto Approvals

Have you ever come across a situation when a work process got delayed due to a missed approval? In an organizational workflow, employees and managers often lack communication leading to delays. Instead of having to wait at every turn for a superior to approve a process, you can choose to trigger auto approvals to make sure mundane tasks get through without any waiting time.

auto approvals

Be it approving non-critical documents after a certain time period, pushing an invoice to the next level or making decisions that involve two different departments in your organization to ensure streamlined processing, Cflow allows you to trigger auto approval whenever specific conditions are met. The setup is fully customizable, allows you to create custom rules and get rid of delays with its auto-approval feature.

  • Makes it easy to auto-approve repetitive and non-critical tasks
  • Set specific rules which can be executed for auto approval
  • The automatic process saves time and gets repetitive mundane tasks completed without human intervention
  • Auto-approval is a great example of a mini robot helping you become more efficient
  • Workflow processes are completed even when you are on leave or on vacation

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