OCR - Extract Data from Digital Images

Simplify text reading and extraction to the core using Cflow’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition).


Seamless Extraction and Transfer of Text from Digital Images

Cflow’s OCR lets you reduce manual efforts by automatically transferring data from physical documents to customized and comprehensive e-documents. Uproot the printed or hand-written texts and tables on the scanned images from any source (images, posters, labels, forms, invoices, etc.) and fill your preferred form field with this exceptional feature.
By using this revolutionary feature on our workflow management platform, you can seamlessly minimize the duration of creating customized records for your organization with three simple steps –

Upload the photo of the document on Cflow’s OCR

Wait till it generates and lists the fields from the uploaded image

Map and customize the required fields for documentation

Built on Machine Learning Technology to Ease Record Creation

Manual data recording and documenting are tedious processes, especially in different sectors like healthcare, insurance, banking, tourism, logistics, etc. Machine learning-powered OCR digitally transforms the act of data entry, transfer, and storage into a matter-of-minute task. Leverage the features of OCR and nullify the complexity of recording data by using this simple workflow setup.

How does Cflow facilitate this?

On Cflow, access the workflow setup from the control center and configure OCR on the advanced settings for the chosen business operation. Fill in the OCR inputs and upload the scanned image of the document to be extracted. Now Cflow will automatically generate a list of OCR fields from the uploaded document from which you can select the required workflow form field.

A few areas where Cflow’s OCR marks its excellence –

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