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Are you keen on growing your business and boosting your revenue? Enjoy 20% recurring revenue with no additional investment. Refer new customers to Cflow.


For Marketers

Put your industry expertise to good use and help people you know. By recommending Cflow, you help your peers and start earning on a recurring basis.


For Agencies

Create a credible atmosphere with your clients because referring Cflow becomes a value-added service to your subscription and also creates more ways to earn, stay afloat.


For Influencers

Your community trusts you! Give it back by recommending Cflow. Let your audience enjoy your recommendation while your revenue grows gradually.

Make Revenue and Help Others at Once

Two simple steps to earn:

Share the referral link we provide you

Sign up as a partner with Cflow’s referral program. When your customers join us, they get 20% off 3-months subscription while you get 20% as a recurring revenue

Lifetime Rewards

As long as your referred customer stays with Cflow, you will get paid 20% of their subscription fees for a lifetime. Now, that’s more like it!

partner reward

We got you covered

Human(!) Coach & Technical Support

We don’t leave it to bots to answer you. A real human is out there waiting to clarify your doubts on e-mail. Be it referral cash, URL issues or anything else, just get in touch

Easy to Understand UI for Tracking

Monitor the people you referred, their clicks and rewards you have earned. It motivates you to bring in more referred partners as every refresh brings in something afresh

Training Guide, Simple & Easy to Read

We have a simplified and easy to understand training guide, resources that help you understand how Cflow’s partner program works

knowledge transfer

“ We are glad to have partnered with Cflow on their Partner program. Apart from being a new revenue model, it helps support our clients with valuable software that works and is rewarding on multiple levels. ”

– Cflow Partner


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Enjoy 20% recurring revenue with no additional investment.

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