Kanban - Improve Workflow with Efficient Prioritization of Tasks

Acquire a simplified framework for visualizing multiple tasks with Kanban on Cflow.

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What can the Agile-based Kanban offer you?

Our workflow automation platform is here with a project management tool invested in bringing consistent improvement, flexibility, and flourishing workflow to business processes.

The users are enabled to view

  • The current tasks that are being performed
  • The status or the progress of the task
  • The tasks that are lined up for future
  • The tasks that are completed

Navigation at its Simplest with Just a Drag-and-Drop Action

Kanban’s stand-out quality is the simple navigation system it offers. With zero code involved, it scores as the best user-friendly space that helps users stay focused and connected to the task. Significant steps like tracking the progress of the process, making small and meaningful changes, and acquiring the log of the changes made can all be monitored effortlessly.

Manage Projects Successfully on Cflow Using Kanban

Take your project workflows to a space where monitoring and tracking of the tasks is made simpler. Cflow offers a seamless project management solution with Kanban where the users can create cases under individual projects and track their progress.

Cflow’s Kanban offers the following features –

Cflow’s Kanban offers the following benefits –

Other useful features


With Cflow, you can eliminate the difficulties associated with handling paper documents

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Cloud or On Premise

The world is moving towards cloud-based solutions and our dedicated developers’ team

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Customize Forms

Creating forms using Cflow is as intuitive as it could get! Make use of the visual form builder

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Designed to be a versatile program from the ground up, Cflow is an user friendly application

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Document Designer

Easily create PDF documents, customize and send directly to clients all this right from within the software.

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