Automate workflows from your mobile.

Save time and start approving requests faster. Cflow helps you request, manage, approve tasks on the go.

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Cflow mobile app

Cflow Mobile App. Automate. Just Like That.

Right from initiating a new request, tracking processes, managing pending tasks to approving those requests can be done easily. YES.  You got an Android mobile or iPhone and we have the right app to automate your workflows.

Workflow app features

A highly-productive business starts with managing workflows.

Handling all your business processes is not intricate when you use a workflow management app that has all special features.

Don’t worry if you are not at your desk to initiate a new request. Open Cflow app and do the same in your mobile.

Keep track of all your tasks wherever you need. Just snap and see the status of all your requests at any point in time.

Approve or reject requests without any lag. Keep your team operating even when you are not nearby.

Make use of our pre-built templates from Expense reimbursement, Task assignment, Leave application to Travel request etc.

Track just about anything using the QR code feature in our app. Simply scan your barcode on any iPhone or Android and get all the details.

Attach any file from your device or just simply take a picture and upload in a request.

View reports quickly with the intuitive user interface and filter data by day, week or month.

Don’t miss any pending task. Get real-time notifications to approve or reject requests instantly.

No need to enter username and password each time to use the app. Access Cflow using Auto-login.

Learn more about Cflow’s best features, how it can automate and be the most reliable Workflow Solution that could revolutionize your operations

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