Experience zen mode, by managing workflows.

With Cflow’s pre-built workflows, instantly automate tasks and manage time-consuming processes.

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manage work easily


Experience zen mode, by managing workflows.

With Cflow’s pre-built workflows, instantly automate tasks and manage time-consuming processes.

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Workflow Management

Do you find it hard to streamline work?

Change the way you work. Automate and manage tasks smarter.

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Don’t feel smothered with pending tasks.

Workflow management software is what you need to automate your daily tasks and finally free yourself from mundane, repetitive work that could affect your overall performance.

zero code

Zero code for you

Create workflows and complete your tasks with no code. Our flow-chart based visual builder takes care of all.

easy integration with third party apps

Easy integration

Integrate workflows with 100s of apps using CflowZaps (Zapier integration) and attach documents using Google apps.

organize your emails

Email nirvana

Stop flooding email inboxes. Cflow organizes them and sends one consolidated email every evening.

handle multiple requests

Speed up processes

Be it purchase order or expense reimbursement, Cflow helps you initiate multiple requests at a time using the import feature.

business activity monitor

Business activity monitor

Get actionable insights right away. Monitor your processes using Business Activity Monitor (BAM).

Facile Workflow Management Tools



Transform time-consuming processes into automated workflows. This helps you streamline repeated jobs and identify efficiency bottlenecks.

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Form Builder

Simplify workflow requests with a visual form builder. This drag & drop form designer can be customized for multiple departments across your organization.

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Create smarter workflows with a simple 2-step visual workflow builder.

name and design your form

1. Design form.

Design your form to make it intuitive for users to work with. Organize the form into sections and drag and drop fields from the toolbox. There are no limits on sections and fields. Use your imagination to design forms that are easy to fill in.

2. Create workflow.

Create your workflow simply by clicking the Process Stage button and connecting the stages. There is no code to write and your entire process can be automated in a matter of minutes.

create flow and add users or roles

Here is what our customers say…

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Get ready to witness a change like never before with a simple to use workflow application.
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