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“A product that is simple to use and a team that is smart.” – Ronal Tibay, NutriAsia

Features for all kind of teams.

Cflow is your go-to workflow solution for an accurate and efficient process.

Drag & Drop Form Builder

Being a feature-rich program, Cflow’s form automation is designed to suit every type of organizational needs.

Routing & Notifications

Cflow offers a wide range of options for routing tasks and notifying the concerned individual.

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Being able to customize anything is what a user would expect when onboarding with a new program.

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Reports & Analytics

Everything related to the workflow is available for you to glance through, make informed decisions, and stay updated on employee productivity.

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Rules Engine

Simple one-click workflow, send or approve pending requests.

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Secure Data

Protect your sensitive information with Cflow’s secure data encryption.

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Routing & Notifications

Cflow offers a wide range of options for routing tasks and notifying the concerned individual.

Email Notifications

The name says it all! Emails are ubiquitous and the most non-intrusive way to alert folks of pending tasks. Work gets done when you receive email notifications at the right time, just the way Cflow does it.

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Auto Approvals

Not all your tasks require manually review and approval. Configure rules so that they can be auto-approved. Save time, be efficient and make sure the work gets done.

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Vacation & Delegation

Are you planning a vacation and worried about work piling up? No worries! Cflow’s delegate feature lets you route tasks to a co-worker automatically when you are on vacation.

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Sophisticated Rules Engine

A sophisticated rules engine designed for the nerd in you. But presented in a format just right for the business user. The range of options available will allow you to truly customize every workflow before deploying them.

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Link Multiple Processes

Create comprehensive solutions that link processes across multiple teams and departments. Cflow enables seamless integration and ensures you work in unison.

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Fuzzy Search

Fuzzy Search in Cflow provides easy mapping of data from workflow database with an advanced match-and-find setup, relieving you from searching similar data manually.

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What can the Agile-based Kanban offer you?

Improve workflow with efficient prioritization of tasks. Acquire a simplified framework for visualizing multiple tasks with Kanban on Cflow.

kanban case


Customize anything and everything when you onboard.

Cloud or On-Premise

Choose where your data should be stored – be it on the cloud or on your premises! Gain access to it anywhere, anytime with ease.

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Customize Forms

Ability to customize your forms at each stage of a process is a key differentiator in Cflow. Choose to add fields, remove fields or just hide them to design forms that are most intuitive for your users.

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Public Forms

Do you need non Cflow users to fill in forms? Rest easy! Public forms are made just for you. Embed in your public website or intranet so folks can fill in without logging into Cflow.

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Custom Inbox

A fully customizable inbox, designed to provide you with the most pertinent information, available at the right place and right time.

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Document Management

Digitizing your documents makes it easier to search, store and manage them. Convert your paper files into digital documents and provides easy access to them when needed.

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Electronic Signatures

No more paper and pen for signing documents! There is a better option now – your electronic signature is embedded in your documents and transmitted and stored securely.

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Visual Workflow Builder

What you see is what you get when you work with Cflow Workflow Automation Software. Everything is visually represented, easy to understand and customizable with zero-coding.

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Document Designer

Essential feature that can come in handy to create PDF documents, customize and send directly to clients.

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SLAs and Escalations

Ensure your employees stay motivated at all times, deliver what is expected of them and maintain a transparent work environment.

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Extract data from digital images

Simplify text reading and extraction to the core using Cflow’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition).


Reports & Analytics

Everything related to the workflow is available for you to glance through, make informed decisions, and stay updated on employee productivity.

Workflow Analytics

The Business Activity Monitor (BAM) provides deep insights on process cycle times, bottlenecks and efficiencies. All information needed for you to stay in touch with your organization’s processes at every point.

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Dashboards and Reports

Our dashboard reports are colorful, easy to use, and rich in customizability, with a report builder that lets you visualize data in minutes. All are provided to you in a refreshingly clear interface, just right for the business user.

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Seamlessly integrate with 1000+ third party applications.

There are many applications in use at your organization and Cflow seamlessly integrates with almost all of them via Zapier so that you can get your work done most efficiently. Read more

No Code

Connect with external databases without writing any code

SMB or Enterprise

Connects with SMB applications as well as Enterprise applications

Work Efficiency

Easy integration to work more efficiently and communicate better


Connect to external systems via technology – API, webhooks, or direct connect

workflow integrations
Success story

Learn how our customers get real results with Cflow


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