Del Monte - Case Study


Del Monte Philippines, Inc. (DMPI) is a leading producer, distributor and marketer of premium quality, healthy food and beverage products. It has been in operation in the Philippines for over 90 years and is the market leader in the canned pineapple and mixed fruit, canned and Tetra ready-to-drink juices, tomato sauce and spaghetti sauce categories.


Prior to implementing Cflow, Del Monte used several different systems to evaluate the Task Assignment Process for their support team. A wide variety of software tools were tried out starting from email and spreadsheets to home-grown custom applications. Unfortunately, very little progress was made, and several tasks went unanswered. All the tasks were being handled by the Project Manager and routed manually. The process was quite inefficient and senior management had very little visibility on the status of tasks.

“Because of the manual process, developers/implementers involved in the process wasn’t aware of what the other member was doing with the particular task,” explained Manager at Del Monte.


Del Monte wanted to automate the entire process, right from the time of initiating a new task until the Project Manager Review. The ability to route all the task requests automatically until the Project Manager review was crucial. After looking into several solutions, including some well-known names in the industry, Del Monte chose Cflow, primarily for the customization capability of the product and ability to provide support under extreme time constraints. Del Monte was also impressed with several innovative features and suggestions that Cavintek brought to the table.


Now, the entire task assignment process is streamlined and transparent. The key management team were able to view the number of tasks that are open/closed, and the productivity of the developer/implementer is visible clearly. The project managers are notified via email and they have a ready list of tasks to review every morning. The team is now able to capture all details pertaining to tasks and thorough analysis can be done later


“Cflow has been a great help in handling our task approval process. It reduced our processing lead time and eliminated the risk of losing documents along the process. Best of all, the support team is quick to respond to queries and resolve issues. Thanks for your constant support!” says – Manager, Del Monte Philippines Inc.

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