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Automate workflows.
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Transform & streamline business processes with cloud BPM & workflow automation software.

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Automate workflows. Just like that.

Transform & streamline business processes with cloud BPM & workflow automation software. Reduce your paperwork and avoid manual errors.

Trusted by 20,000+ users

Trusted and loved by customers across the globe, Cflow is the preferred workflow automation software for small, medium, and enterprise businesses.

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Skip paper-based manual processes; accelerate business success with No-code Cloud BPM!

The all-in-one workflow software to get your workflows automated. Set up automation rules, make use of intuitive features like the customizable dashboard, reports & analytics. Automated process workflows dramatically improve productivity and eliminate chaos. Built on powerful BPM methodologies, Cflow helps create efficiencies that scale as your business grows with streamlined workflow management.

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What you see is what you get on Cflow!

Create custom workflow templates using the visual drag-and-drop forms designer. Do it all yourself online, no-code workflow software at its best.

api Easy API Integration

Work with different third-party tools.

Integrate with G Suite, Office 365, and thousands of apps via Zapier. Connect to external systems with web services, webhooks, or custom connectors.

backup Reliable Security and Backup

Highest importance to data.

Bullet-proof AWS Datacenters and data encryption controlled by you. Configure your backup policies and rest easy with automated backups of all data in cloud storage.

cloud Flexible Digital Transformation

Experience Cflow without a user license.

Cflow is the only workflow software in its class to provide advanced functionality that enables people without a Cflow user license to approve a Cflow request.

Our Clients

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Orchestrate process management with automated business applications.

Cflow lets you accelerate day-to-day process workflows, save working hours, and focus on the productivity and growth of your team. Pre-installed workflow apps that automate repetitive tasks like approval of invoices, business enquiry requests, travel/business trip expenses, purchase requests, vacation requests, etc. Secure all your company files and documents on the cloud-based SaaS platform.

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HR and Admin

Focus on more strategic initiatives

IT operations

IT Operations

Avoid delays, track work and build a flexible support


Finance & Accounting

Access data and track requests easily and effectively



Centralize procurement and get ahead of competition


Sales & Marketing

Implement data-driven process improvements




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Integrate with more than 1000s of essential business tools.

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Track & review on the go.

10x more organized and productive management. Review end-to-end processes anytime, anywhere, just with your mobile phone.

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cflow workflow mobile app

Our Customers Speak for Us

Shaker Group

Cflow really helped our company transforming all old manual paper-flows into digitally signed workflows, which saved time, efforts and cost, also increased the staff efficiency and productivity by monitoring their performance throughout different flows, all this comes with great performance, stability, and security

Khaled Ashour

Supply Chain Director

Freed-Hardeman University

The work-from-home environment required during the COVID-19 pandemic made it very clear how outdated and inefficient our paper forms and processes were. Cflow has allowed us to digitize those forms with customized & automated workflows. If you can envision a feature for an online workflow, it can be done in Cflow!

Josh Barber

Associate Director of International Education, PDSO

Bethany International

We’ve been using Cflow since 2019 and it has been a very good tool for us to improve our purchase requisition process. We have been happy with Cflow, especially the customizability.

Kyle Gronseth

Accounting Manager

Vertiv Co

Our needs were simple, build a workflow system that is easy to use, reliable, and adaptable to our changing needs. Cflow delivered this in both functionality and support. Nothing was too difficult for the team at Cflow and were always there to assist us to achieve our objectives.

Daniel Sargent

National Manager

Center for Curriculum Redesign

Implementing Cflow was one of the best decisions our organization made. We chose Cflow to improve our invoicing process and standardize the details captured on invoices, streamline approvals, and save time and paperwork. We use the reports to augment our invoice reconciliation process for Accounts Payable and as further documentation during our annual audits. My only regret is that we did not implement Cflow sooner.

Wendy Shane

Director, Finance & Operations


We had very simple needs. Most automated workflow options for invoice approval we found were expensive and overly complicated. Cflow allowed us to implement a simple yet scalable solution to address our needs.

Steven Wexler

Technology Project Manager

Del Monte Philippines Inc

Cflow has been a great help in handling our approval processes. It reduced our processing lead time and eliminated the risk of losing documents along with the process. Best of all, the support team is quick to respond to queries and resolve issues!

Jester Tingcoy

Manager, Capex Finance

Nutriasia, Inc

I’m really impressed with the support provided by Cflow. There has never been a time when they have kept me waiting. A product that is simple to use and a team that is smart and extremely fast are factors that help me feel reassured and confident.


IT Manager

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Which workflow do you want to automate today?

Which workflow do you want to automate today?