Automate workflows. Just like that.

Cloud BPM & workflow automation software to streamline business processes.

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Automate workflows. Just like that.

Cloud BPM & workflow automation software to streamline business processes.

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Get work done, fast!

The simplest workflow software to get your workflows automated. Create value every minute of your working day and create efficiencies that scale.”

what you see is what you get in cflow

What you see is what you get on Cflow!

Create your workflows using the visual drag-and-drop designer and do it all yourself, no-code workflow software at its best.
Easy API Integration
api integration

Work with different third-party tools seamlessly.

Integrate with thousands of apps via Zapier. Connect to external systems with web services, web hooks or custom connectors.
Flexible Digital Transformation
cloud integration

Migrate to a digital world.

Transition to a digital workplace at your own pace and achieve greater transparency and improved productivity with Cflow.
Reliable Security and Backup
security and backup

Highest importance to data.

Bullet-proof AWS Datacenters and data encryption that is controlled by you. Configure your backup policies and rest easy with automated backups of all your data.

One Application. 100s of Use Cases.

Cflow is simple to start with and powerful when you dive deep into its vast collection of features. With this one BPM software, you can get tons of work done.

  • Streamline employee onboarding
  • Maintain track of daily and weekly tasks
  • Get new vendors or clients onboard
  • Generate invoice
  • Maintain records for easy auditing
  • Automate workflows and remove bottlenecks
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Improve All Your Processes.

Build new workflows with the visual workflow designer, automate processes, get rid of chaotic paperwork and keep a close watch on task status to ensure tasks are completed on time.

  • Dashboard to view an overview of all your workflows
  • Zapier integration with 1000+ apps
  • Smart business management tools for companies of all sizes
  • In-depth reports and analytics to promote easier auditing

Complex Workflows Made Simpler

With an array of pre-designed workflows to choose from, Cflow allows you to bring your ideas to life. You can choose to auto-populate forms, create a multi-level approval process for sensitive workflows and let the software take care of automatic notifications for timely approvals.

  • Let users know what their role is and pending tasks are
  • Keep track of edits made by different people in a workflow
  • Workflow decisions made are available in entirety to identify business process bottlenecks
  • Keeps everyone – employees, decision makers and customers on the same page
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workflow mobile app for android & ios

Download Cflow mobile app now!

Initiate, and review requests from your Android or iOS device.

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Integrate with more than 1000s of essential business tools.

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