Email Notifications

Getting notified as and when it happens is essential because no notification that comes very late to your attention is valuable, right? 

email notifications

Cflow is a business flow software with agile platform that pushes email notifications as soon as something lands in your workflow inbox which you should know about immediately and respond at your earliest possible time.

Email notifications are available on your desktop, smartphones and any other devices you are logged into.

Every time a team member in your organization mentions you in a comment, sends you a file or a pending approval lands in your inbox, you will get a notification to take note of it. It’s easy, on time and ensures you take care of the tasks in Cflow that need your attention.

Supercharge your process flows with Cflow


Auto Approvals

Have you ever come across a situation when a work process got delayed due to a missed approval?


Vacations & Delegation

With an easy to use vacations and delegation system, Cflow simplifies the process of keeping people notified!


Link Multiple Processes

A good workflow automation program should always help multiple departments to handle processes together.


SLAs and Escalations

SLA and escalations are deployed in the first place to ensure your employees deliver.


Sophisticated Rules Engine

Cflow is a customizable platform and when we say “customization” we really mean it!


Encryption & Security

We offer best-in-class security that offers the highest level of reliability & protection to data.

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