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nutriasia cflow case study

NutriAsia - Capex Requests

NutriAsia eliminates paper-based CapEx requests with workflow automation. 


Del Monte - Task Assignment

Del Monte automates Task assignment processes using Cflow.


Apelby - Business Travel Request

Apelby Communication streamlines Travel approval process using Cflow.

metier food case study

Metier Food - Food Company

Metier Food transformed approval processes with no-code workflows.

Fidelity - United Insurance

How Cflow Turned Around the Insurance Claims Processing at Fidelity United Insurance.

snf case study

SnF Management - Approval Process

How Cflow Created a more Effective and Efficient CapEx Approval Process.

Adams Group - Boosting Efficiency

How Adams Publishing Company Leveraged Cflow’s No-Code Automation.

godrej capital cflow

Godrej Capital - Business Processes

How Cflow Streamlined Critical Business Processes at Godrej Capital.


BIC - Capex Approval Process

How Cflow Turned Around the Insurance Claims Processing at BIC World.


LNTIPM - Approval Process

How Cflow Created a Program Design & Delivery approval process.

Freed Hardeman University - Enrollment Workflow

How Cflow streamlined the course enrollment workflow

University Academy of Florida - PO Processing

How Cflow streamlined the entire PO processing workflow.

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