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Apelby Communications (https://www.apelby.com/) global telecommunications provider of international voice, data, messaging and outsourcing services having sales offices in Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Tanzania, Malaysia, Nigeria, Zambia. Since their establishment in 2005, they have managed to grow in both revenues and key business products and offers complex solutions to carriers, business clients and enterprises.


Apelby wanted to optimize their Business Travel Request Process due to the nature of the business being professional services with staff travelling the region and country to visit their clients and new customers. Ideally, they wanted to streamline their approval process that will allow them to spend less time on gaining approvals and the application should also be capable of automatically notifying managers of requests that need their immediate attention.


Cflow’s workflow management platform gives clients the flexibility to configure approval that works for the type of travel they do. It also offers features such as multi-level approval, mix and match approval for different products (air, hotel, car and rail) and domestic and international approval settings and visibility of pending approvals for both the approver and company’s Finance Manager/Director.

To support Apelby solution needs, Cflow implemented a Business Travel Request approval workflow in October 2018. Travellers can choose the purpose of travel, start date, end date, costs and justification and attach supporting documents and submit the request. This triggers an automated approval workflow to the relevant approver. If an approver is out of office, there is also an option to delegate the request to the backup approver to act on it.

Once the request is approved, it instantly notifies the travellers and all the stakeholders in that request via email.


The Apelby team has found numerous advantages in moving from their manual travel request process to Cflow’s automated travel request process.

“Cflow support is always very helpful and solves almost all the problems we experience” said Petra Kadacikova – Sales Operations Manager.

Cflow definitely helped our company to simplify our process flows and save time. Although there are troubles from time to time, No system is ideal from the beginning and is developing with experience and different customers. So does the Cflow team. Thank you for that!.


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