Document Designer.

Document designer is an essential feature that can come in handy so that you can easily create PDF documents, customize and send directly to clients for further perusal, all this right from within the Workflow Software.

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A Customization Solution for Perfecting PDF Documents

Here’s a quick overview of the different aspects of document designer that you can customize and alter according to individual needs.

The Initial Steps

Access the control center from the left menu on which you should select the Workflow and proceed to access the document designer through the edit icon.

The user has the option to either create a new document with custom design or edit an existing document.

The types of documents are many ranging from invoices, bills to receipts and agreement forms that can be created within the ecosystem of Cflow.

Elements to Enhance a Document

The document designer form supports a wide range of custom elements that can help elevate the overall look and presentation of a formal office document.

Users have the option to add a custom company logo, create a custom label by drag and drop from toolbox, add QR Code to easily scan content within and add as many images as required to make the document into a pictorial representation of the content.


The privacy of confidential documents is ensured with the help of a signature setup.

A field named Manager/ CEO approved can be added at the end of the document. The signature once signed will automatically be embedded in the PDF file to imply  that this is the final version of the document and is now ready to be printed or shared with a client.

Document Designer in Cflow

Customizing the document is purely based on individual requirements and the type of document that is designed. The document designer provides a wide variety of options including ability to add large field boxes or multiple line editors so that clients or customers can fill in the necessary details.

Besides, creating a document involves a number of pre-approvals from various stakeholders before a PDF file is generated and sent to multiple clients. Cflow allows you to perform all the approvals as well as create the PDF document automatically based on your custom design and emails the document to the relevant people both within and outside the organization.

With an efficient and powerful customization platform such as Cflow, it is easier than ever to create documents on the cloud directly and share them with multiple people within the ecosystem. A PDF document works better because it is both ubiquitous as well as provides a professional experience.

Cflow lets users design, add editable fields and deploy documents in a short span of time for official use.

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