Designed to be a versatile program from the ground up, Cflow is an user friendly application made with your comfort in mind. It seamlessly integrates with some of the most popular and essential third party applications like SAP, Zapier among many others. When you require more features or external support besides the feature-rich Cflow we offer, you can always choose to integrate other applications and we help you do it with simple steps.


The third-party applications supported by Cflow can be integrated into your processes without leaving the intuitive user interface we have created. It ensures your workflow continues to run without any hiccups with the ability to import much-required features from other programs.

  • Cflow works extremely well as a standalone workflow management platform but also integrates well with more than 1000 other applications
  • Connect with external databases without writing any code and move data effortlessly
  • Cflow seamlessly connects with SMB applications like Slack and Quickbooks as well as Enterprise applications like Salesforce and SAP
  • Easy integration allows your employees to work more efficiently and communicate better
  • Connect to external systems via technology that you are comfortable with – API, webhooks, or direct connect

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