Adams Group - Case Study


Adams Publishing Group (APG) was established in late 2013 by Mark Adams as a family-owned community newspaper company in the United States. Presently, APG operates 30 dailies, over 100 non-daily newspapers, and a diverse range of more than 220 media-related products and associated websites spanning 19 states. The company’s mission is to deliver high-quality products and services that positively impact its readers, customers, communities, associates, and shareholders.


APG faced a significant challenge in its capital expenditure request approval process. The traditional method of using paper forms and emails led to delays and inefficiencies, with approvals taking several weeks or even months to complete. This slow approval process hindered the company’s ability to make timely investments and affected its overall operational efficiency.


To overcome these challenges, APG implemented Cflow’s no-code workflow automation platform. Cflow provided APG with a streamlined and automated solution for their capital expenditure request approval process. With Cflow, APG could eliminate the need for paper forms and manual emails, transforming the process into a digital workflow that could be easily managed and tracked.

Cflow’s intuitive and user-friendly interface allowed APG to design and customize its workflow according to its specific requirements. The platform’s drag-and-drop functionality enabled APG’s team to create a seamless approval process without any coding or technical expertise. Cflow also integrated seamlessly with APG’s existing systems and tools, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to their daily operations.


Implementing Cflow’s no-code workflow automation brought significant improvements to APG’s capital expenditure request approval process. Firstly, the automation provided by Cflow resulted in a remarkable reduction in approval time, transforming a process that once took weeks or months into one that now takes just a few days. This streamlined approach increased operational efficiency, enabling APG to make faster decisions and investments. 

Secondly, Cflow’s centralized dashboard offered real-time visibility into the approval process, empowering management and stakeholders to track request progress, identify bottlenecks, and take necessary actions to expedite approvals. The transparency provided by Cflow enhanced accountability across the organization. the digitization and automation of the workflow with Cflow allowed APG to achieve process standardization. By following predefined and consistent approval paths, APG ensured compliance and minimized errors, ultimately enhancing the overall quality and accuracy of the approval process.


Cflow’s implementation transformed APG’s capital expenditure approval process, replacing paper forms and manual emails with a streamlined digital workflow. This led to a significant reduction in approval times, from weeks or months to just a few days. The automation improved efficiency, visibility, accountability, and collaboration within the organization. APG successfully utilized Cflow’s no-code platform to make faster decisions and investments, while ensuring high-quality products and services for their constituents.

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