SnF Management - Case Study


Founded in 1982, the SnF Management Company provides a multitude of professional services to skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers that operate under the name Windsor at California. They enable Windsor facilities to provide patient-centered care in a warm and comfortable environment, through their skilled nursing and rehabilitation services. SnF Management Company specializes in Rehabilitation Services, Nursing Services, Assisted Living Services, and Hospice services. 


Key services offered by the SnF Management Company required CapEx approvals. They were following archaic paper form and email based CapEx approvals that were not only slow, but also ridden with delays. The manual CapEx approval process followed at the company provided zero visibility into the status of requests, leaving requestors clueless about where/or with whom their request was stuck. CapEx requests moved very slowly through the review and approval phases, causing the process to span weeks or even months. SnF Management Company was looking for a way to speed up their CapEx approvals, which would enable them to deliver top-notch services to their customers.


Their search for a modern, comprehensive workflow automation solution that would speed up CapEx approvals ended with Cflow. The no code workflow automation solution from Cavintek fit the bill perfectly! Along with a quick and effective workflow automation solution, they also got insane customer support that made the implementation a breeze. The visual workflow builder in Cflow helped them set up the CapEx approval process by simply dragging and dropping workflow elements that were relevant to their operations. From setting up approval hierarchy to task dependencies, they were able to set up CapEx workflows with ease. Archaic ways of CapEx approvals were replaced with modern, no code automation with Cflow. 


What used to take weeks or even months to get approved was now happening within days – thanks to the streamlined CapEx workflow designed using Cflow. The customer support team at Cavintek ensured that the implementation process was a breeze. Any roadblocks during the usage or implementation were immediately resolved, without causing any interruptions in business operations. 


Cflow’s unwavering commitment to providing reliable and seamless automation solutions was demonstrated by automating the CapEx approval process at SnF Management Company. Approvals that were taking weeks or even months to come through are now getting completed within a few days. Cflow was successful in reducing the approval time and increasing the transparency throughout the CapEx approval process at SnF Management Company.

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