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BIC eliminates paper-based CapEx requests with online forms and workflow automation

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BIC ( – BIC has been democratizing the art of writing and empowering everyone to express themselves in their own way for the past 75 years. They have grown into the iconic brand that they are today from very humble beginnings. Passionate about bringing simplicity and joy to people all over the world, they continue to reimagine everyday essentials, designing products that are part of every heart and home.


With the growing demand for its products and an increased employee count, it had become essential for BIC to establish a robust system for managing everyday operations. This system needed to support not only its existing requirements but also adapt swiftly to changing market demands. The adoption of automation was inevitable, but the company faced a multitude of choices from which they needed to make the correct selection. BIC was seeking robust automation software with the capability and reliability to provide solutions quickly and the agility to scale rapidly.


After evaluating a variety of enterprise applications that were not successful in meeting BIC requirements, BIC ultimately chose Cavintek’s Cflow. The IT team was impressed with Cflow’s capabilities and even more amazed by Cflow’s fantastic execution speed. A series of workflows were automated and demonstrated rapidly, leaving BIC confident in their choice of product.

CAPEX requests were automated and initially rolled out to a small group of users in one location. The initial challenges were promptly resolved, and a smooth transition to production was arranged. Real-time cycle times were displayed, making it evident to everyone that automating workflow processes through Cflow was a game-changer. Employees were delighted because they no longer had to sift through hundreds of spreadsheets in a shared drive or search for lost emails in archives.


This automated procedure provided consistency shortened the time needed for data entry, and got rid of the laborious manual paper flow. The absence of paper documents increased output and maintained a happier, more motivated workforce. They had more time to concentrate on their current responsibilities because they were not required to wait for permissions or follow up with their management.


The client reduced cycle times, improved and standardized its procedures with the help of the online CAPEX request form. More crucially, information that was previously unavailable was now readily available on the internet. They felt confident enough to put up more complicated processes online after this CAPEX process automation proved successful, and since then, a broad range of workflows have been automated. BIC was able to implement automation in the most frictionless and user-friendly way possible because of Cflow’s strong, dependable, and adaptable platform, which resulted in effective business management.

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