Metier Food - Case Study


Metier Food is a fast growing, innovative, food company focussed on health foods. Founded in 2017, Metier Food is committed to creating food products that are healthy, enjoyable, and convenient for consumers. Driven by the mission to specialize and produce food and beverages with the highest quality ingredients, Metier Food has come a long way in reimagining the way people eat. Heal Nutrition, the #1 protein shake brand in South East Asia, and Snappea, the 1st ever and #1 plant-based pea milk in Asia, are the flagship products of Metier Food.


Metier Food was faced with the challenge of manual, paper/email based approvals for most of their business processes. Inventory transfer, New Product Request, Order to Delivery, and few other approval-based processes were carried out manually on paper or using Microsoft Excel, or via emails. Substantial amount of their work time was spent on manual review, validation, and approval of requests. As a result, overall productivity of these processes was below par. Delayed approvals, decreased productivity, and redundant manual tasks were affecting performance of key processes at Metier Food. All the approvals were being manually handled by the staff, which resulted in low efficiency and low visibility into request statuses.


Metier Food approached Cflow for a no code platform to automate their core processes. They have automated key business processes like Order to Delivery, Inventory Transfer, and New Product Request with Cflow. Earlier, these processes were not only taking too much time to complete, but they were also riddled with errors and bottlenecks. Cflow was able to transform these processes by eliminating redundancies and automating repetitive tasks, so that the employees at Metier Food spent less time on approvals and more time on productive work. Cflow became the single source of truth regarding the status of various tasks critical to their business functions. 


After implementing Cflow, Metier Food was able to save a substantial amount of work hours and eliminate delays and bottlenecks in the approval processes. Now, over 25 of their processes are automated, thanks to the easy to use visual workflow builder in Cflow and the “insane” support provided by the Cflow team. Once labor-intensive and tedious approval-based tasks were automated at Metier Food, the productivity and efficiency automatically improved. Approval workflows at Metier Food are now devoid of bottlenecks or delays.


Cflow simplified approval workflows at Metier Food by streamlining their approval process. Approval workflows that were manually managed were transformed into simple and effective processes that could be executed effortlessly by the employees at Metier Food. A feature-rich workflow automation platform like Cflow helped Metier Food automate key business workflows for better productivity and efficiency.

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