Fidelity Insurance - Case Study


Fidelity United Insurance is among the oldest insurance companies in the Market, registered in the year 1976. The professionally qualified claims team at Fidelity United promptly attends to your claim intimation and other claim enquiries to provide the best servicing standards. Fidelity United Insurance offers a wide range of services for individual and corporate clients. 


Claims processing services at Fidelity United Insurance cover a wide umbrella of claim types – medical insurance, general insurance, motor insurance, life insurance, and home insurance claims. All the claims processing was being carried out manually via paper forms and emails. Given the large volumes of claims handled by the company on a daily basis, it was very difficult to process claims on time. The paper-based claims processing was bringing down the speed and efficiency of claims processing. Significant delays in claims processing and approval of claim settlement of the claims was concerning the management at Fidelity United Insurance. The company was looking for an effective way to automate claims processing so that claims are processed and settled on time. 


Fidelity United Insurance was looking for a one-stop solution that could take care of all types of claims processing and approvals. Out of all the workflow automation solutions they considered, Cflow stood out owing to the deep customization options and unbeatable customer support provided. Insurance claims workflows for all types of claims were created easily with the visual form designer. Our customer support team was with the Fidelity team at every step of claim processing automation. New claim workflows were set up in no time for Motor Insurance, Life Insurance, General Insurance, and all other types of claims handled at Fidelity United Insurance. 


The Cavintek team was able to set up automated workflows for all the claim processing processes handled by Fidelity United Insurance. Automated claim processing workflows eliminated the lags and delays in processing of claims. All the claims are being processed quickly and efficiently, without any delay or errors. The claims settlement process was also automated by Cflow, which led to faster settlement of claims and payout to customers within the stipulated timelines.


Cflow guided Fidelity United Insurance throughout the claims processing automation process. Not only were the claims getting processed on time, but the settlement was also happening without any errors or delays. Claims processing that was earlier carried out manually using paper forms and emails, was successfully automated with Cflow. Equipped with automated claim processing workflows, Fidelity United Insurance is now able to process all claims and settle them on time. 

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