Cloud BPM Solutions or On-Premises Instant Access BPM

Cloud or On Premise

Choose where your data should be stored – be it on the cloud or on your premises! Gain access to it anywhere, anytime with ease.

  • A workflow management platform hosted on the robust AWS cloud infrastructure
  • All your workflow processes on the cloud makes it easier to access from multiple devices
  • Cloud enables automatic data backup and failover, preventing expensive data loss and access issues
  • On-premise option available and useful for poor internet-enabled locations
  • You have the choice to keep your data on cloud, on your premises or in both places
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Customize Forms

Ability to customize your forms at each stage of a process is a key differentiator in Cflow. Choose to add fields, remove fields or just hide them to design forms that are most intuitive for your users.

  • Create forms that are easy to customize and intuitive to use
  • Rearrange and group fields that are right for each process stage
  • Choose from a range of fields to add to your form to collect and display the necessary information
  • Create tables, checkboxes, dropdown boxes and other fields as required
  • Wide range of properties and validations to make forms most useful
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Customize forms
Public forms

Public Forms

Do you need non-Cflow users to fill in forms? Rest easy! Public forms are made just for you. Embed in your public website or intranet so folks can fill in without logging into Cflow.

  • Create public forms with simple one tap settings
  • Integrate with your public website and capture all information instantly
  • Every detail entered in the public form is seamlessly routed to the appropriate reviewer and shows up in Cflow automatically
  • Ideal for registration process, enquiry process and feedback forms, aimed at a large audience.
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Custom Inbox

A fully customizable inbox, designed to provide you with the most pertinent information, available at the right place and right time.

  • One Inbox for each process stage, you have choice to select what you want to see
  • Customize your inbox so that you instantly see the most important information
  • Show relevant information critical for decision making
  • Search and sort by any field to find what you want quickly
  • Enable quick responses to expedite process queries
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Custom inbox
document management

Document Management

Digitizing your documents makes it easier to search, store and manage them over the web. Cflow helps you convert your paper files into digital documents and provides easy access to them when needed.

  • Get rid of stress associated with document management. Cflow’s powerful search helps you find them all
  • Convert all your paper files and documents into digital format. Scan, upload and never ever worry about lost files.
  • Gain access to your digital documents on all your devices anytime, anywhere
  • Easy to keep track of changes made to the documents with a centralized workflow process
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Electronic signatures

No more paper and pen for signing documents! There is a better option now – your electronic signature is embedded in your documents and transmitted and stored securely.

  • Sign documents electronically on your computer, laptop or smartphone
  • Electronic signatures save time and allow you to sign wherever you are, be it the airport or the mall or the office
  • Save the environment and be efficient at the same time
  • Get documents signed by users outside Cflow by sending them a secured link
  • Highly secure encryption safeguards you against any kind of tampering
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Process integrations


There are many applications in use at your organization and Cflow seamlessly integrates with almost all of them via Zapier so that you can get your work done most efficiently.

  • Cflow works extremely well as a standalone workflow management platform but also integrates well with more than 1000 other applications
  • Connect with external databases without writing any code and move data effortlessly
  • Cflow seamlessly connects with SMB applications like Slack and Quickbooks as well as Enterprise applications like Salesforce and SAP
  • Easy integration allows your employees to work more efficiently and communicate better
  • Connect to external systems via technology that you are comfortable with – API, webhooks, or direct connect
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