Workflow Routing & Notifications.

Sophisticated Rules Engine

A sophisticated rules engine designed for the nerd in you. But presented in a format just right for the business user. The range of options available will allow you to truly customize every workflow before deploying them.

email notifications

Email Notifications

The name says it all! Emails are ubiquitous and the most non-intrusive way to alert folks of pending tasks. Work gets done when you receive email notifications at the right time, just the way Cflow does it.

Auto Approvals

Not all your tasks require manually review and approval. Configure rules so that they can be auto-approved. Save time, be efficient and make sure the work gets done.

auto approvals
user delegation

Vacation & Delegation

Are you planning a vacation and worried about work piling up? No worries! Cflow’s delegate feature lets you route tasks to a co-worker automatically when you are on vacation.

Link Multiple Processes

Create comprehensive solutions that link processes across multiple teams and departments. Cflow enables seamless integration and ensures you work in unison.

linking multiple processes
sla and escalations

SLAs and Escalations

SLAs and Escalations ensure your employees stay motivated at all times, deliver what is expected of them and maintain a transparent work environment.

Visual Workflow Builder

What you see is what you get when you work with Cflow Workflow Automation Software. Everything is visually represented, easy to understand and customizable with zero-coding.

visual workflow builder
encryption and security

Encryption & Security

Cflow provides the highest level of security and reliability through encrypted solutions. Your data is secured at every point, both digitally and physically.

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