Sophisticated rules workflow engine

Sophisticated Rules Engine

A sophisticated rules engine designed for the nerd in you. But presented in a format just right for the business user. The range of options available will allow you to truly customize every workflow before deploying them.

  • Wizard driven editor that is designed for the non-IT folks
  • Enable workflows to seamlessly move from one stage to another based on custom rules
  • In-depth customization features using multiple conditions, operators and operands
  • Set different rules containing multiple conditions, exactly as your business demands
  • One-click setup or full-fledged rules configuration, you make the choice
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Email Notifications

The name says it all! Emails are ubiquitous and the most non-intrusive way to alert folks of pending tasks. Work gets done when you receive email notifications at the right time, just the way Cflow does it.

  • Get notified immediately through timely email messages
  • Fully customizable with dynamic content, flexible font styles and colors
  • Receive both email as well as SMS notifications
  • Attach documents dynamically to your emails
  • Approve or reject just by replying to the email. No need to login
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Email notifications
Auto approvals

Auto Approvals

Not all your tasks require manually review and approval. Configure rules so that they can be auto-approved. Save time, be efficient and make sure the work gets done.

  • Makes it easy to auto-approve repetitive and non-critical tasks
  • Set specific rules which can be executed for auto approval
  • Automatic process saves time and gets repetitive mundane tasks completed without human intervention
  • Auto approval is a great example of a mini robot helping you become more efficient

  • Workflow processes are completed even when you are on leave or on vacation
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Vacation & Delegation

Are you planning a vacation and worried about work piling up? No worries! Cflow’s delegate feature lets you route tasks to a co-worker automatically when you are on vacation.

  • Built-in system that notifies the right people at the right time when an employee goes on vacation
  • Managers/ team leaders can choose to manually delegate a task to a co-worker
  • Flexibility in delegating to different people based on the workflow and process stage
  • Creates a streamlined environment where work never gets delayed ensuring customer delight
  • Scheduler lets you define multiple delegate rules for different time periods
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Vacations & delegation process workflow management software
Link multiple processes

Link Multiple Processes

Create comprehensive solutions that link processes across multiple teams and departments. Cflow enables seamless integration and ensures you work in unison.

  • Makes it easy for all departments in your organization to be in the loop
  • Break down long-winded processes in to shorter processes and sub-processes, linking all of them together
  • Seamlessly trigger new requests in sub-processes that contain all pertinent information from parent process
  • Pause parent process until sub-processes are completed. Or let both processes progress. You have the choice.
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SLAs and Escalations

SLAs and Escalations ensure your employees stay motivated at all times, deliver what is expected of them and maintain a transparent work environment.

  • Easily create rules in Cflow to ensure you never fall out of compliance
  • Set specific task goals and timeline
  • Employees receive reminder notifications well before deadline and when the deadline is breached
  • SLAs ensure all employees in an organization, be it big or small, are aware of their milestones
  • Escalations keep the stakeholders informed of pending and overdue tasks and helps manage expectations
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SLAs and escalations
Visual workflow builder

Visual Workflow Builder

What you see is what you get when you work with Cflow Workflow Automation Software. Everything is visually represented, easy to understand and customizable with zero-coding.

  • Easily build new workflows with simple drag and drop interface
  • An intuitive 4-step wizard driven by visual cues

  • Tools to build your workflows quickly. More configuration options available in the Control Center after workflow is published.
  • Pre-designed templates for a wide variety of processes
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Encryption & Security

Cflow provides the highest level of security and reliability through encrypted solutions. Your data is secured at every point, both digitally and physically.

  • Best-in-class encryption security for your data
  • Data is secured when static, on the move and when accessed by employees in different devices
  • Choose what you want to encrypt, not all data is the same
  • Physical servers are manned by armed guards 24X7. Data can be stored on cloud or on premise
  • Relax easy with additional backup configuration
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Encryption & Security

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