workflow analytics

Workflow Analytics

The Business Activity Monitor (BAM) provides deep insights on process cycle times, bottlenecks and efficiencies. All information needed for you to stay in touch with your organization’s processes at every point.

  • Detailed workflow analytics to keep you notified of aberrations in your processes
  • Drill down to stage level approval times and understand user efficiencies

  • Receive actionable insights that result in customer delight
  • An intuitive workflow analytics page helps you understand at a glance
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Compelling Dashboards and Reports

Can dashboards and reports be interesting? Yes, it can be with Cflow! Our dashboard reports are colorful, easy to use, and rich in customizability, with a report builder that lets you visualize data in minutes. All provided to you in a refreshingly clear interface, just right for the business user.

  • A compelling dashboard that provides you all the info you need about multiple workflow processes
  • Refreshingly good-looking UI makes dashboard easy and fun to use with vibrant colors to denote various processes

  • Customizable reports lets you filter workflow data by day, week or month
  • Create reports quickly using the intuitive drag and drop interface
  • Flexible graphical reports like bar, line, and pie charts enhance your options

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Compelling dashboards and reports

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