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Creating online forms for every type of workflow is never this easy. Let our visual workflow builder simplify your digital workspace.

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Trusted by 100,000+ users worldwide

Trusted and loved by customers across the globe, Cflow is the preferred workflow management platform for small, medium, and enterprise businesses.


Collect your forms in one place and automate them to save time.

No more IT admins. No more devs. Manage, and streamline your workflow forms on your own.


Customize your Forms!

Each form is unique in design and purpose. Cflow form builder allows you to customize, choose from existing themes and create what you actually need.

Easy Sharing

Expand your Publishing Horizons.

Sharing and publishing your forms wherever you need them goes a long way in collating the information you need. Embed public forms in websites or send links through apps.

Flexible Digital Transformation

Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, anywhere anytime.

Cflow Forms are available on the Web app, Android or IOS device. Fill in your form on your tablet and perform approvals on your mobile.

Reliable Security and Backup

Complete Control

You have complete control over your forms as you can choose who views it, edits it and send it out as emails.


One size does fit all!

One Builder – Many Forms.

Forms are powerful tools to collect data, information of people and congregate them in one place. Cflow makes it easy for you with easy online form builder that you can create, customize and share anywhere.

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Simplicity is the ultimate truth!

Easy Integration with Third Party Apps.

Forms are better managed when you can seamlessly integrate and maintain data collected using third-party apps.

Kanban – continuous improvement!

Complete Power Over Your Data.

Forms are only as good as the data acquired through them and they should always be secured in a private manner.

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Integrate with more than 1000 essential business tools.

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