Key Features of Cflow

Do away from manual paper-based processes and accelerate business growth with no-code BPM solution! Built on a powerful BPM platform, Cflow automates key business workflows for small, medium, and enterprise businesses. Trusted and preferred by companies across the globe, Cflow helps efficiencies that scale as businesses expand.

Visual workflow builder

the flow-chart based workflow builder in Cflow enables easy and quick creation of workflow templates

Preset SLAs and escalations

specific SLAs can be set for job roles and tasks along with respective timelines.

Vacation and work delegation

users can assign their work to another person while they are on vacation, ensuring that work is not delayed.

Public forms

you can provide public access to Cflow forms when you require registration or feedback

Encryption and security

you can rest assured that your business data is meted out with highest reliability and security levels

Reports and analytics

the business activity monitor provides deep business insights by way of reports and analytics

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Cflow: Live Webinar

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Introduction to Cflow

What is Cflow and what are the solutions readily available?

The Target Audience

Who are the target customers and how to reach them?

Dedicated Account Manager

How can I do this all alone without any experience?

Partner Program Benefits

How many referrals can you refer to and how much you can earn?

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