Bring a Change in Your Office with Business Process Workflows

Executing the business process workflows in the right manner could go a long way in redefining your organization’s workflow and help automate wherever possible.

Before you begin your task, it is important to know that you do require a reliable, automated and no-code business process workflow software like Cflow. It simplifies the process of creating workflows, makes it easier for your employees to communicate and get things done faster leading to improved customer satisfaction.

The Main Phases of Business Process

Step 1 – The first phase where an action will trigger the entire workflow and this is the point where it should end

Step 2 – Bringing in the people involved in the task to successfully complete it including team members, HRs, Admins, and Managers

Step 3 – The set of fields that will be filled at step 1 and will be sent for final approval to the corresponding member

Step 4 – The Final result will be related back to the original person who triggered the workflow in the first place

All major workflows follow the same pattern which reduces any confusion and allows an employee to complete the task in time without any bottleneck issues. It also automates the process by following a standard template which makes the workflow easy to understand for everyone involved and approve or reject is as required.

The Major Workflows Every Organization Should Automate

1. Document Approval Workflow

A document approval process begins with creating the draft, reviewing it by self and send it to the manager for approval. If rejected, it will be sent back with comments to update document and sent again for approval. Once approved, it will be saved to the database and also sent to the respective team.

2. Expense Approval Process

Expense claim is an important aspect of every company for all teams including HR, IT and operations.

The finance team can reduce their burden with a streamlined workflow for the process. A default form with multiple fields should be filled with comments and sent for approval. It may also have the option to reject certain items in the list or the entire request.

3. New Employee Onboarding Workflow

The business process workflows simplify HR department’s job.

It starts by collecting an employee’s personal information in a form, saves it to the database and makes sure they sign all documents digitally after which the offer letter will be sent to the employee.

4. Leave Approval Workflow

Employees in an organization where they approve leaves on time and provide incremental salary hike are bound to work harder, be more dedicated.

You can promote it by automating leave approval workflow which starts when the employee creates a request. The request can be approved or rejected by the team leader or manager. They can also use the comments box to make suggestions and change of plans.

5. New Customer or Vendor Addition Workflow

The strength of a business lies in the type of customers a company has and the vendors who help them bring out products or services.

A simplified workflow process will allow a new customer or vendor to simply fill in a couple of basic details. Their information will automatically be recorded in the database and their file will be allocated an identification number before a welcome kit is forwarded to them. It speeds up the process and streamlines new additions.

6. Creating a New Invoice

It is easier than ever to send invoices to a customer with a business process workflow.

The template will have a couple of fields that need to be filled before you send an invoice to a vendor or customer for the services rendered. Once payment is credited, it can automatically update it as cleared and the automation software will also allow you to send reminders and follow up to avoid late payment.

Bring a Change in Your Office with Cflow

Cflow is a workflow software which has all the above-said templates, ready to use out of the box. You can always create custom workflows or modify existing fields to suit your organizational policies. These workflows can help automate your organization’s processes while boosting the best of efficiency and save time.

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