Make Employee Onboarding Process Flow Easy for HRs and New Joinees

Attracting potential talent and retaining them in an organization is an exceptionally difficult task, especially in the millennial world where employees no longer stick to the same organization for decades. It is up to the company to understand their requirements, impart knowledge quickly, provide them the necessary equipment and make them part of the group so that they could work efficiently.

An employee onboarding process flow will help organize a lot of repetitive tasks that the human resources team has to put up with every time a new employee is selected. Things can become even more complicated when a bunch of ten or twenty employees is selected at the same time for ongoing projects.

Let’s break up the process into pre-employment and post-employment.

The workflow that you are going to use will vary based on whether the person is already in your premises or not. It will also focus a lot on fixing communication gaps so as to allow the new joiner to feel comfortable with the process.

Pre- Employment Employee Onboarding Process Flow

Notifying the candidate – The first step once a candidate has cleared all rounds is to let them know they have been selected in a formal, welcome email.

Offer letter and additional documents – The next step is to quickly release the offer letter so that the employee can make up his or her mind. It should also include all additional documents such as NDA, bond, policy documents to be signed if they choose to accept.

Acceptance – As soon as an employee accepts your offer, the HR should personally get in touch and guide them into filling up the forms.

Follow Up during notice period – Employees can easily choose to pick up another offer and it is necessary to keep in touch with them weekly once or bi-weekly to create an emotional bond with the organization.

Welcoming them onboard – Finally, when the joining date arrives, a seamless employee onboarding procedure will give them confidence and convince new joiners that they are now part of a reputed organization.

Post-Employment Employee Onboarding Process Flow

Getting documents signed – Once the employee reaches your office venue, they are expected to sign a bunch of documents and paperwork including agreements, the offer letter. The HR will guide them and this process will also include digitally signing multiple forms.

Granting access – In most companies, the employee is supposed to register their fingerprint, receive temporary ID cards and have their place assigned.

IT/ Operations – Every department in an office will get to work when successfully onboarding a new employee including IT, operations, admin, finance, and HR. The IT team is responsible for assigning a new computer or laptop in the designated place.

Induction process – After having formally introduced the employee to their reporting manager and teammates, an induction process is mandatory to give them a good idea of the organization and its processes.

Cflow Makes Employee Onboarding Process Flow Easier

The series of steps mentioned above are some of the most important things to take note of when onboarding a new employee. There are additional tasks to be done such as creating email ids, assigning a place, getting them into projects and so on.

Cflow is a workflow automation software that is integrated with an employee onboarding process workflow that you could make use of. The template simplifies the process and there is also an option to go for customized templates based on your organization’s requirements.

Create a great impression with your new employees with Cflow automation and make employee onboarding a pleasant experience like never before.

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