Introduce Workflow Solutions to Your Employees

Workflow Solutions is a much broader term that many organizations are trying to comprehend and implement. As a matter of fact, it’s not supposed to be difficult because a simpler solution is what employees can make use of, implement which leads to improved productivity, lesser time spent on tasks, and streamlining the entire operations.

Example #1

Keeping Track of Over Time

Over Time is important for employees because when they invest extra time beyond their work hours, they expect to get paid or compensated in some manner to have a rewarding experience at the office. The HR and the Finance team may often find it difficult to keep track of it which is when an automated workflow software could help them a lot.

Instead of using excel sheets, you can request employees to fill up a pre-defined form. The form can collect all the information with regards to the time they spent, working hours, the team they belong to and with salary inputs, the per hour payment will automatically be calculated to be forwarded to the finance team. It makes both the employee and the employer satisfied with the entire process.

Example #2

Collecting Your Customer Details

Customers are the backbone of every business and while it is important to not spam them with phone calls and emails, you definitely require a solid database of everyone who has availed of your services or products. Most contact forms don’t get converted into actual databases which is why a workflow solution can help you out in this regard.

The forms that are directly created on the platform will accept inputs from customers and clients. It will all be merged to form a database table that is easy to search, access and store. The employees in your organization can use it to generate newsletters, send product promotions and easily forward it from one person to another to handle the necessary action.

Instead of using emails, you can finally come out of the never-ending loop to have complete transparency over your customer data and process it efficiently to witness actual results.

Example #3

Prioritizing the Agenda for a Meeting

Every office goer is aware of the fact that meetings could become long, tedious, and oftentimes, it ends up without solving the original purpose. While people do try to take notes on papers, use their laptops to stay on track, it is often a hit or miss situation. The workflow platform can be used in this regard to give the perfect shape and bring disorganized meetings under control.

The manager or the team leader can set specific tasks, topics to be discussed which will be related to everyone in the group. The software can also be used to brainstorm ideas even before the meeting begins and suggest ideas through comments. It saves a lot of time when the meeting actually takes place and makes it easier for everyone in the team even if they are not physically present to participate in the meeting.

If you face any of these problems, you need the right workflow solution.

  • Paper documents that are difficult to handle and distribute
  • Common tasks such as customer database, HR policies, leave management are a hassle
  • Bottlenecks caused by decision-makers
  • Time delays caused by improper alerts and notifications
  • Employee efficiency affected due to lack of accountability

What Makes Workflow Solutions Easy to Use for Employees?

1. A visual workflow editor

Using a visual workflow builder makes it for everyone in a company to easily access it and create tasks as they require. They no longer have to wait for a programmer or an authorized administrator to help them create it. The administrator can provide user privileges to let teams create their own workflows for meetings, leave management, and so on.

2. An integrated solution

Being integrated with other tasks is mandatory because the senior manager or the CTO may have to focus on every team and every project. Bombarding them with multiple projects and appointments at the same time is not suggested as it might affect the overall response. Being integrated makes it easier.

3. Automated workflow solutions

The entire workflow solution can be automated once created. It saves a lot of time, reduces last-minute deadlines, and keeps everyone involved in the loop. The automated solutions are easier to keep track of such as creating a customer contact form which will automatically be converted into a database to be used in the future.

Introduce Cflow to Your Employees and Witness a Big Difference

Cflow has great potential that can change the way your employees view their daily tasks and handle them on a typical office day. By introducing Cflow to the entire workforce, you are bound to witness a massive difference in a short period of time.

They will find it is easier to communicate among themselves and with other teammates – Employees will finally have a bird’s view of the processes being handled and will no longer have to manually notify their bosses to approve documents in time.

They can focus on other tasks in hand and not waste time – Your employees no longer have to wait for the approval. They can handle multiple tasks at once, do their part and it will automatically be forwarded to the next responsible person. Team members will be assigned specific tasks which improve their focus and overall quality of work.

They can receive timely notifications and alerts – Manual notifications and emails can finally be put to rest because automated notifications, alerts will ensure both employees and managers are in the loop. Any delay caused in approval will not be tolerated and they don’t have to physically visit different locations within an office, thus saving precious time.

Cflow has all the answers to the workflow solutions and the software can finally help you implement automation in your daily activities. Creating a workflow is easy, no coding knowledge is required, and can be adopted by everyone in the team.

Give Cflow a try to see how powerful and intuitive the program is.