Do you provide a friendly environment for the hard-earned customer when onboarding them?

Step 1 – Identify Your Potential Customers
Step 2 – Convince Them By Promoting Your Product’s Best Features
Step 3 – Get Them Onboard Onto Your Company’s Service Catalog Without Any Issues.

Getting a customer onboard is a robust process for many organizations irrespective of their size. At least 43% of companies in every sector lose customers before they could bring them on due to complicated procedures, requesting too much information, and failing to add it to a centralized database that is readily accessible to every team.

Inviting a client onboard into your company’s processes and the services you provide should be so seamless that they should feel at ease. Powered by an intuitive and visual customer onboarding process template, Cflow allows you to bring as many customers on board as needed with the click of a button.

Behind the Scenes – What a Customer Expects of You!

  • A brief overview of what your company is all about. A quick intro to the right channel, be it a smartphone app or a streamlined workflow software would do!
  • Simple and easy to use the onboarding process
  • The customer onboarding process template should be very intuitive, and easy to understand at the first glance
  • Not force a customer to divulge too much personal information and only request what is necessary to carry out the process
  • Provide simple solutions to automate emails, schedule meetings, and raise tickers when they have to

Essential Elements your Customer Onboarding Process Template should have.

Templates are a boon for companies where people of different professional experiences work together in multiple teams and communicate with clients who have variable needs.

Visual Ticket Management

Instead of boring, long lists, all the tickets raised by a client will be visually represented for easy management and to keep track of their progress.

Automated Onboarding

A vital feature every workflow automation tool needs and could change your brand image to a whole new level. Let customers get onboard without any manual intervention, with simple easy-to-follow steps, and automated messaging.

True Customization

Each organization is different, and the templates provided for the customer onboarding process should just be a key to understanding the power of the program.

By default, the employees should be able to tap into the real power of customization to create as many templates as they need to suit individual business requirements.

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