5 Best Kept Secrets to Improving Your Customer Support Process

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Speed Up your Customer Support Process with these Effective Techniques

Offering a great product or service to attract new customers onboard or to attract new businesses to establish successful B2B relationships is just the beginning. The world of marketing is suffocating at this point as people see a lot of advertisements these days that claim amazing product quality, immediate delivery, and impeccable customer service.

The B2B sector is no different as they are flooded with offers from twenty different companies that are ready to offer the same service, at the exact price or even lower.

So, have you already tried the worn-out strategies for reducing your pricing, increasing your product portfolio, and making more promises?

If you have done them all with little success, here is the holy grail of your success. Customer support process flow is the key to retaining existing customers as well as gaining new ones to further expand your business.

Be it B2B or B2C, here are some proven ways of streamlining your customer support management using workflow automation software.

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1. Create a Workflow Chart

Start by creating a workflow chart to depict how the support process is carried out and the time it takes for each department to provide a solution or redirect it to another team. Whenever the process slows down, these are the bottlenecks where automation is necessary. It will also help assign work to the right team to avoid slowdowns and respond quickly.

2. Approve Refund Claims Quicker

An important aspect where customers get the most irate is when refund claims are delayed stating multiple reasons or asking them to fill out a gazillion forms to get approved.

When you sell a product or service, no questions asked refund is considered the unique sales point. By honouring your words, it is much easier to build a brand reputation rather than saving a few pennies which could lead to losing a valuable customer permanently.

3. Implement Ideas Based on Customer Feedback

When you respond to your buyers, they tend to respect you and come back for more. The customer support process is not only about products and services but it’s primarily about satisfying a visitor in every possible aspect. If people complain about bugs on your website or services or not-so-intuitive UI, get the design team to work on it and fix it. The changes let customers know that their voices are being heard and responded to promptly.

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4. Connect Teams in a Workflow

Workflow automation software can finally bridge the communication gap between different teams and eradicate process silos. Each task is supposed to be carried out in a quicker turnaround time but most customer support processes tend to lag behind, leading to unwanted silos. Identify which team is efficient in handling specific customer requirements. The technical team may be strong at solving bugs or responding to product-based queries whereas the shipping team should automatically receive shipping-related complaints to eradicate slowdowns.

5. Reward Programs for Employees

Instead of always paying for third-party companies, consider reward programs for employees in your organization. Conduct bug bounty events, UI redesign contests, and new product or service ideas to encourage creativity within your team. This can lead to proactive improvements in your company and come up with great ideas to succeed in the competition.


All the ideas mentioned above have great potential to work for both B2B and B2C businesses. When dealing with businesses, the customer support process should be even more proactive, precise, and capable of offering relevant services quickly.

By implementing Cflow in your customer service process, it is easier to implement automation and get rid of the bottlenecks while improving the overall service quality. Generating leads to increase your customer base is one strategy but retaining existing customers and establishing a strong automated network to attract new ones through quality services has more longevity and reach.

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