Get a Grip on the Everyday Processes You Use and Learn How to Improve Them

5 tips for process improvement

We live in a world filled with gadgets, apps, and lots of digital content to keep us alert at all times. But, have you ever wondered why we still end up missing important meetings, find it difficult to complete tasks within a deadline, or achieve bigger goals even though working hard all day long?

Before setting out to fix processes, go through the list below and if you answered yes to at least two of them, then you are probably buried in a process conundrum that needs to be fixed.

  1. Do you find yourself always busy?
  2. Do you miss meetings or process deadlines?
  3. Are you always short of time and find yourself in stressful situations?
  4. Do you work more than 9 hours a day and sometimes even on weekends?
  5. Are you using at least half a dozen apps to stay organized?

Answering yes to multiple questions above clearly indicates that your process needs improvement. Let’s explore the most popular and proven ways that could put you on track again.

What Would be the End Result of Process Improvement?

end results of improving your processes

Improved Efficiency – The most important thing about adopting process improvement is that you will witness better efficiency in all the tasks that are done by you, your team, and every other member within the circle.

Consistent Growth – Instead of mulling over missed deadlines, projects, and important meetings, there will be consistent growth. Streamlined process management will slowly but steadily improve the overall work atmosphere, boosting employee morale and paving way for success.

Constraints Loss – Loss can be anything ranging from lost time to improper investments, lack of funds when it is required, and so on. A planned process management approach will help avoid unexpected situations, stop business disasters and know-how each process should be carried out properly every time there is a need.

5 Practical Tips to Improve Processes (Nope, This is Not for the Techies!)

top 5 checklist for process improvement

1. Review Existing Process

There could be many hidden potholes in your existing process which is why it is important to start by reviewing it and identifying the weak points.

2. Understand the Shortcomings

Instead of trying to fix a process individually at different points, review and analyze as a whole. Once you have fully understood the process, start by removing the shortcomings and building an entirely new process for maximum efficiency.

3. Edit and Make Necessary Changes

Based on the identified shortcomings, make the corrections necessary to your process. No process is perfect on day one, go ahead and continue to iterate to evolve into a near-perfect version.

4. Design a New Process

Create a flowchart or line diagram to easily understand how one task should move from an individual to the rest of the people in the team. Put it in action and see if there are still issues that persist.

5. Implement the Process and Witness Changes

Give it time once you have created and implemented a brand new process. Don’t make changes immediately but give it a couple of days or weeks based on how complicated or big it is before making minor changes.

Important Questions to Ask:

  1. Where are the bottlenecks?
  2. How involved your employees are as a team?
  3. Does it give them the big picture to work towards a bigger goal?
  4. How many splits a single process can undergo for maximum efficiency?
  5. Are there any steps that take more time and is it truly justified?

An Automation Software to Improve Process | Cflow

Introducing workflow software such as Cflow can significantly help improve your process efficiency and bring consistency to the execution of work while removing bottlenecks and shortcomings.

cflow dashboard in mac

A digital business process management software can help put things in the right place and give the manager a bird’s eye view of everything that’s happening in one place. Be it HR, finance, operations, or project management, the digital repository made of multiple processes helps audit when required within minutes.

Automation saves time and digital adoption helps get rid of paper, making confidential and crucial documents available anywhere on the web and on any device. Cflow makes it all easy and also supports Zapier integration so that your team can continue working with apps that they are already used to. Combine it with your creativity and you can come up with a much better process to witness improved productivity.