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The term Zero Code might sound enigmatic at first but when you dig a little deeper, it’s easy to understand.

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Advanced Features That Can Help You

An organization comprises of employees from different teams like HR, finance, engineering, operations, and support. While every one of them is important for the efficient functioning of your small business or startup, it is a known fact that significant holes exist when these disparate teams work together. That’s when a No-code BPM becomes essential for you. Zero code business process management makes it possible to envision a productive process environment that can be implemented and put into practice in very short time. Businesses realize ROI quickly and continue on their automation roadmap rapidly.

No-Code Workflow Software with Visual UI Builder

Your users will be able to make use of the ready made workflows available in the workflow library and even create new ones easily as it supports drag and drop features.

Streamlining your business process is the first step towards integrating a paperless environment where every document is available on the cloud and permissions are granted dynamically and seamlessly through a workflow software. Your employees need no specialized knowledge to use Cflow or customize the workflows to suit your specific use case. The Zero Code BPM program removes the dependency on special IT teams by providing a visual UI builder.

Here are the top 3 reasons why Zero code BPM is essential for your business

1. No-Code Facilitates Easier Implementation

Implementing a no-code program is much easier as there is no software code to write and it is specifically meant for business users. You don’t need IT folks with advanced programming skills to implement Cflow.

Implementation time spans just a few days and not weeks and months. Traditional BPM vendors are used to 6 months and 1 year implementation cycles that rake up the costs and put businesses at increased risk due to the dynamic business environment that exists today.

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2. Time Efficient with No Special Training Requirements

There is no need to spend time training your workforce on different aspects of a no-code business process software as it is very intuitive.

The entire system is based on a visual user interface with simple instructions. Your HR team creating a custom leave application with rule-based approvals become a reality with Cflow. You no longer have to wait for the vendor to perform their black magic to add a new field or customize your forms. All power now rests with the business users to visualize and implement process changes that are immediate, cost effective and iterative.

3. Simplest Way to Create New Workflow Templates

The Zero Code BPM comes with a large collection of widely used workflow templates for all departments of an organization, including HR, Operations, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Procurement and more.

Automating the process via Cflow comes naturally once employees are exposed to the power and flexibility of the cloud based system. Employees import workflows easily with a click of a button and voila! – a new business process has just been automated! Use it right away and improve it as you go along. Welcome to the new world!

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Best Zero Code Solution for your Employees

Cflow is one of the best Zero Code BPM solutions as it comes with a set of predefined workflow templates to get you going instantly. Our workflow software is so intuitive that it requires little time for implementation and has no special training requirements. Give Cflow a try and you will be able to see how it can revolutionize the way your employees work. Cflow will be the unified platform to get all your everyday tasks done most efficiently.

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