Workflow Examples for Smart Teams

Organizations are slowly moving towards a system where they have to implement workflow automation. For those who are not yet used to it, suggestions are being made by experts to adopt it for creating a productive environment.

Instead of going around in circles and missing important documents, a dedicated workflow management software helps put things in place in an office. They also pave the way for consistent results and better time management.

The newcomers in the industry find themselves lost in the dark because they hardly have an idea of how a workflow could be or should be implemented.

The big question is, what are some practical examples where workflows are considered?

Cflow aims to help ease your doubts. Besides implementing an easy-to-use visual user interface and complete support for a host of third-party apps, it can also help understand some practical workflow examples so that you can choose to implement it in your office.

The Most Common and Effective Workflow Examples

1) Employee Onboarding Workflow
2) Document Verification and Approval
3) Leave Request Approval Workflow
4) Reimbursement Claim Workflow
5) Purchase Order Workflow

1. Employee Onboarding Workflow

Here are the key elements that should be included in an employee onboarding workflow program and it should be implemented in such a way that it makes it easier for the new joiner as well as the human resources team to handle bulk recruitments.

Fields to Fill Up

· Employee details
· Joining date
· Documents submitted
· Induction process

Follow up Process

· Document verification
· Details approval
· Database update

2. Document Verification and Approval

The process is to verify a particular document and approve it, which should be done digitally for easier processing time and document maintenance. The concept of moving everything to the cloud and managing it using a workflow software will bring about significant change in how your employees handle this important process.

Fields to Fill Up

· Document name, file size
· Approver name
· Fields to be verified
· Final approval

Follow Up Process

· Respective employees should cross-check
· Final approval by top management
· Proper digital storage of confidential document

3. Leave Request Approval Workflow

Most employees care a lot about their vacations and leave management than the organization would. In order to promote better productivity to create a positive atmosphere, it is essential that you provide an easier way to manage leave approvals.

When employees are confident that their leaves are safe, they are bound to avail less of them and only when required.

Fields to Fill Up

· Number of days
· Reason to avail leave
· Type of leave
· Approver

Follow Up Process

· Verified and approved by a manager
· Shared with other team members in a common sheet

At times, it is required for everyone in the team to know who is on leave on a particular day. While a workflow software can be used to simplify the approval process, a simple cloud-based excel sheet can be used to keep track of everyone’s leaves. An alternative would be to have it listed in an overview inside the vacation management workflow for a particular day, week, and month.

4. Reimbursement Claim Workflow

A very common and repeatedly done process in any office environment. Multiple team members may have to request expense reimbursement if they are traveling, purchasing equipment for the company, or would like to get paid for the services availed.

Considering the workload on any member in the finance department, it becomes all the more difficult to verify an invoice or bills produced. At this point, using workflow software with a definitive set of the verification process will make the task more streamlined and easier to complete.

Fields to Fill Up

· Bills/ invoices produced
· Total amount
· Purpose of expenditure
· Date and maximum allocated sum

Follow Up Process

· Verified by the account manager
· Additional verification of bills and expenditure limits
· Approval

5. Purchase Order Workflow

Before a decision is made by the administrative or operations department, they are expected to get their purchase order approved. It is in fact, an important aspect of every organization because an expensive purchase such as multiple Mac Pros for an entire team of designers or upgrading the server should be consulted with the top management before getting approved.

When creating a workflow, rather than the number of fields included in it, an increased focus should be provided on the approvers’ list. A budget limit can be set and if the purchase order amount is higher than a specific scale, it should be approved by a manager. When it goes even higher, the senior management should be involved in the decision-making process so as to ensure bulk purchases are done appropriately.

Fields to Fill Up

· Total sum
· Equipment or product to be purchased
· Pertaining to the team
· Quantity required
· Quotation scanned copies

Follow Up Process

· Set budget limit
· To be approved by manager or senior management
· Justification for the purchase
· Final approval

Workflow Examples and their Implementation

From a basic perspective, every organization runs the same irrespective of its size and number of employees. There are so many firms that do millions of dollars in business but with limited team size. Irrespective of the size or scale of your firm, a workflow automation tool like Cflow and its presence will bring about a change like no other.

The workflow program streamlines the data available to employees, making it readily available for everyone to peruse and make informed decisions. Be it vacation management, invoice approval, or purchase order, these minor yet important decisions play a huge role in helping the company move towards its ultimate goal.

They help ensure better productivity at the office and proper financial management. Cflow provides a clear view of all the tasks being carried out. These workflow examples are just the tip of the iceberg as you have plenty more to explore and utilize in order to improve productivity, collaboration, and streamlined workflow management in the firm. When handled in an appropriate manner, it goes a long way in enhancing brand value and thus in turn leads to a more dedicated customers/ clientele database for business improvement.

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