Workflow Engine

A standard workflow engine goes by many names in the world of business. It is also known as a business rules engine, an automation program, or a task manager.

These names are quite self-descriptive because using a workflow engine, an organization can streamline their tasks, bring a sense of control over daily processes and ensure the available employee force is used towards the right goal.

And, the same is achieved by using workflow software which is also referred to as the workflow automation software because automating processes saves lots of time and allows the manpower to focus on things that need their utmost attention.

Wikipedia’s Definition for Workflow engine!

“A workflow engine is a software application similar to many other programs used in an organization. Instead of being used for client projects, the engine is used to manage business processes within the company and is an integral aspect of workflow technology.”

The tool is used to efficiently manage and keep a close watch on the activities of a workflow.

How Does Workflow Engine work?

  • A template form is created with a set of pre-defined parameters that are to be met before approving or rejecting a workflow request

  • The style is similar to creating a flowchart which makes it easier to keep track of all tasks and automatically make a decision wherever human intervention is not mandatory

  • A lot of organizational tasks including purchase requests, purchase orders, travel requests, new employee onboarding, new vendor management among others are handled on a daily basis

  • All these tasks will be processed through the workflow engine to send it to the respective employee for approval

  • Managers will receive notifications so that subordinates no longer have to meet them in person or wait for an approval

  • The entire process can be accessed through the workflow software as everything is stored on the cloud and it gets rid of paper management, makes the entire approval process clutter-free

3 Major Benefits of Using a Workflow Engine

Time-Saving – Time is money, at least in the business world where you have very little time to complete every task. A powerful workflow engine integrated on reliable software such as Cflow will save everyone’s time, be it the manager or a new employee allowing them to work on more important tasks.

Avoids Errors – Human errors are extremely high when they are under pressure and working on multiple tasks at the same time. An automated task manager will ensure errors are completely avoided because it retrieves data from a pre-defined template and if any decision goes beyond the defined rules or policies, the workflow will not go through.

Easy Accessibility – Unlike manual paper management which is extremely difficult to manage, workflow software stores everything in the cloud and provides you access to every document on a wide range of devices including computers, smartphones, and tablets. It ensures your documents are safe, easy to audit, and easily accessible anytime.

Setting Up a Workflow with IF/Then Decision Making Process

Automating and ease of access begin here.

When employee onboarding takes place,

  • IF an employee has submitted the necessary relieving letter and education qualification certificates, THEN he/she will automatically be redirected to his or her respective team
  • IF they have not submitted them, THEN an automatic reminder email requesting the documents will be sent

When an invoice is pending,

  • IF the vendor’s supply has been received and added to the database, THEN the invoice will automatically be approved
  • IF the vendor has missed some items or has a previous pending amount to be compensated, THEN the information will be notified so that the vendor can take the action to get their invoice approved

A workflow engine is a simpler version of a business rules engine that focuses more on daily tasks and ensures the smooth functioning of the organization. Cflow is the best workflow engine that you could come across with so many features that you could always use for complicated business decision-making when required. It also helps in automation and to manage tasks individually.