It’s Time to Get Rid of the Bottlenecks with Automation

bottlenecks in your business processes

Key takeaways

  • A bottleneck can be referred to as a congestion in your business process that severely impacts your business productivity. 
  • Bottlenecks can be long-term and short-term and it is important to identify them at the earliest to avoid unnecessary delays in your projects. 
  • You can identify them by creating a map for every business process, consulting with all your stakeholders and employees, listing out possible automated workflow management solutions, and analyzing competitors. 
  • Using a BPM software tool like Cflow can help to efficiently get rid of all your bottlenecks. 

Facing frequent delays with completing projects on time? Whether you are waiting for approval, struggling with an outdated system, or juggling with multiple reviews most projects get delayed by one simple phenomenon – the “bottleneck.” Like the narrow neck of the bottle, bottlenecks create problems in your process flow affecting the overall productivity of your teams. So, it’s high time that you focus on identifying the bottlenecks in your processes and get rid of them with automated solutions.

Table of Contents

What is a Bottleneck?

The term Bottleneck literally refers to the small neck in a bottle and how it acts as a deterrent for the liquid from going inside or coming out of the bottle.

In an organizational environment, the liquid is a metaphor for the number of processes carried out on a daily basis.

A small bottleneck could cause lots of slowdowns and it could be in the form of paper-based document management, a manager’s approval, or a lack of communication between team members that delays a process from being moved to the next stage.

A bottleneck can also be described as a point when new information or tasks are being assigned while the previously assigned ones are still pending, or yet to be cleared. It leads to a congested situation where employees may feel extremely stressed leading to poor quality of work and massive customer dissatisfaction.

Here are The Two Major Types of Bottlenecks.

Long-term bottlenecks in the process

The most commonly found issue is a long-term bottleneck that continues to happen in an organization for years and has not been attended to. The delays often happen in monthly payroll processing, financial auditing, organizing paper documents, or improper leave management of employees.

Short-term bottlenecks in an organization

A short-term processing bottleneck is something that happens unexpectedly due to improper planning and lack of automation. It could be anything related to missing files, an improper workflow for daily tasks, or a lack of proper knowledge about a project when an authorized person goes on leave suddenly.

End-to-end workflow automation

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Identify Your Bottlenecks and Create Viable Solutions

Step 1 – Create a map for every process in your organization and mark their duration. If they take longer than expected, there is obviously a bottleneck
Step 2 – Consult with your employees to understand the kind of difficulties they face and note them down

Step 3 – List out all possible processes that can be automated using a workflow software like Cflow

Step 4 – Analyze your competitors and understand the process workflow that they follow to successfully cope up with customer requirements

Viable Solutions to Fix Bottlenecks

Start out as a team and work with the members to find viable solutions to get rid of those bottlenecks. Many of them will often point to improper communication between teams and use real paper which is a major cause of slowdowns. Moving the entire operations to a bpm software should make it much easier.

A BPM Software Tool is a great solution for every type of organization and will instantly fix most of the problems including employee onboarding, vendor management, leave approval, project management, and managing documents. It makes it easier for all your processes including finance workflow and HR workflows. Eventually, you can focus on the core teams to help them get projects done quickly and products or services delivered in time using office automation solutions.

Cflow – A Cloud BPM to Overcome Bottlenecks Efficiently

Cflow is an AI-powered workflow automation platform that is cloud-based, no-code bundled with comprehensive solutions for optimizing your business processes. 

When you implement the workflow engine into your processes, it can easily overcome all types of bottlenecks while promoting better process management by allowing employees to easily access files from the cloud and improve transparency by keeping everyone in the team aware of the project’s progress.

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