Software development is a hectic job where tens of programmers have to work on a program and get the desired end result. If you are into software development, using a workflow engine is essential because the software tool connects all your employees under one roof and helps manage development processes in a better way.

Workflow Engine – The Basics

Be ahead of the technology curve to gain that winning edge against your competitors and a workflow engine will help you exactly do that by guiding your entire workforce in the right direction.

The software application will allow you to manage your business processes efficiently. There is a big difference between the workflow engine and workflow automation software. While the latter is linked to processes and everyday tasks, the engine is directly connected to your database servers to deal with the workload.

In a software development environment, the setup allows the software to keep track of every change made to the coding architecture by programmers in a team and ensures no new activity is left unnoticed. The constant monitoring makes it easier to follow a set pattern, ensure software stability during development, and automatically transition the processes to the next step based on pre-defined rules.

When you automate your software development process, you get,

  • To easily face different situations which is a common occurrence in the software development industry

  • Keep track of changes made by the entire time with time and date stamp. Makes it easier to roll back to a stable previous version if needed

  • Automated processes save time and let your coders focus on more important tasks

  • Avoids human errors completely. The redundant tasks can be handled by the software tool

Why You Should Use Workflow Engine?

1. Easily Set Rules

Rules and guidelines for particular software development can be set within the software. They are easier to follow and avoid errors.

2. Save Time Spent on Recompiling

Instead of making changes and recompiling the entire software development program, the workflow engine allows you to set rules as data instead of code and it can run every time with just the changes made, not the entire software.

3. Edit Rules When Needed

You can allow your coders to edit rules when needed and be more interactive when working with workflow engine software. Programmers can’t do it in such a simplified environment as each change may affect the program but the engine simplifies the process.

4. Meta-Programming is Possible

When all your rules are available as of date, they favor meta-programming in a new way. You can easily analyze the code and insert it more whenever required without any issues.

Powerful Solutions Provided by Cflow Workflow Engine

Cflow is a powerful, robust workflow engine that promotes a more organized and streamlined approach to the software development process. The workflow automation software allows you to streamline daily activities, and keep track of changes made with an intuitive workflow builder interface that can be used by anyone.

You can try Cflow’s IT and Software development process templates to get your work organized. Try it for free!