The true power of an SMB is fully realized when the workforce is empowered with Small Business automation software that they could make use of.

Cflow has been at the forefront of empowering startups, small and medium businesses with the automation services they need to simplify their everyday workflow.

When your major tasks are carried out in a simplified manner, it’s easier to focus on immediate business goals and bring the best out of any team size.

Your 9 Most Important Business Processes that Need Automation Right Now

Workflow automation is more important than ever for SMBs because of the limited resources available. It is vital that you make the most out of it and not smother employees with redundant tasks that can actually be automated.

1. Employee Onboarding Made Easy

Onboarding employees can be a slow process but automation helps simplify it, manage documents efficiently and remove the HR team off from the form filling procedure to save time.

The procedure will ensure better employee satisfaction and give a professional appeal to your company.

2. Creating a Purchase Order

When your organization deals with lots of physical goods or services, and maybe the operations team needs to make purchases, a purchase order is very important. The automation software can help minimize paper use, streamline purchase orders to be sent to multiple vendors, and ensure the finance team can handle it without difficulty.

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3. Travel Request

Travel requests form the heart of an SMB when it involves setting up operations in multiple cities and has clients, customers spread across the country. Many industries require employees to travel on a monthly basis.

A pre-defined template can simplify travel requests, save time, ensure details are promptly delivered, and keep managers notified of the things that need to be approved on time.

4. Invoice Approval

Every time an invoice is generated by a vendor, a service provider, or by the operations, admin team in your office, it could break all hell loose. The finance team would want all the details while others will be in a hurry to get it approved. No one can afford to make any mistakes as a single-digit error could have a huge impact on the company’s budget.

A timely invoice approval process is mandatory to maintain vendor relationships which can be done only when it is digitalized and promptly moved using a streamlined workflow.

5. Efficient Sales Order Management

Small business automation is very important in sales order management because it does make employees happy that they are selling products or services. At the same time, when customer count increases, it obviously requires a lot more attention and quick processing to not keep them waiting.

Efficient sales orders processed in time can reduce errors, speed up approval, keep customer details documented and get the work completed in time.

6. Employee Reimbursement

Employees may require reimbursement from time to time.

Allowing them to fill up an easy-to-understand template to get their sum paid by the company’s finance team. Such small changes could bring about a big boost in overall efficiency and also provide employees with a sense of satisfaction that they are part of a reputed organization that handles such tasks in a professional manner.

7. Setting Up Purchase Requests

Setting up purchase requests is the first step towards making purchase orders possible because only when they are approved, it can be moved to the next step. Be it the finance team, team leaders, or managers, everyone can stay notified of the process and make an informed decision quickly.

It will also get rid of paper-based transactions ensuring a paperless workflow.

8. Employee Leave Approval

Hah! The biggest of them all that employees love all the time but the process is one of the time-consuming workflows to automate, usually tedious and complex until you introduce small business automation between them all.

Leaves should be approved by multiple individuals, the TL, the manager, and the HR team. The finance team should also be notified to avoid any deductions in salary and the digital platform can notify everyone at the same time, ensuring an easy leave approval process.

9. Auditing, Compliance, and Analytics

The streamlined setup ensures it’s easier than ever to check compliance with your company’s policies, retrieve every data during internal auditing, and also generate analytics, reports to check the performance of an SMB’s overall performance.

Cflow is at the heart of every SMB and our clients believe in us. We have successfully served our customers and look forward to bringing about change with new people who need small business automation.

Once you experience Cflow’s powerful workflow automation features, it’s hard to go back to conventional paper-based processing.

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