How many hours do you spend in your office?

Every last one of you may have different answers but your answer to the last question will mostly be the same. Most employees, team leaders, and managers complain that they can’t get their work done on time.

The reasons are many but there is always the area that needs your utmost attention. The tasks carried out in an organization on a daily basis often get complex and redundant. Right from invoice processing to handling leave requests, managing files can be tedious when done using papers.

If you spend more hours in the office and still couldn’t get your job done on time, your organization definitely needs automation.

Here are some of the most important tasks you need to focus on.

1. Acquiring Customer Details

Customers are the backbone of every organization but manually collecting and storing their information could be a time-consuming task. Avoid storing them on paper but rather ask your customers to provide info on a website or app. It will automatically be segregated and stored online for easy access.

2. Requesting Estimates and Clearing Invoices

Waiting for approval is always something you should avoid in your office setup. Instead of spending time with clients or vendors to request estimates, you can automate by creating an online public form. Just forward it to all your potential vendors so that they can fill up the columns and send them back. A similar approach would work for invoices where you have to spend very little time to sign it digitally than manually sign a bunch of papers.

3. Automated Meeting Schedules

Be it a huge MNC or a small startup, meetings are inevitable. Employees get to become tired and frustrated when they don’t receive schedules earlier. You can avoid this by using office automation software. The digital platform shared by everyone in the organization makes it easy to organize a meeting.

Notifications will immediately be sent to everyone in the team and they can even be used to book a particular meeting room so that others don’t occupy it. It reduces errors and there is no need to sync multiple calendars. All your employees need to do is follow the calendar provided within the workflow automation software and it will also send timely reminders before the meeting begins.

4. Background Verification for New Joiners

Acquiring basic details of new joiners is a must in an official setup and they should also be background verified before they get onboard. Similar to how you acquire and store customer details, it is much easier to use automation software to collect information from new joiners. It can automatically be sent to the BV team for them to proceed and come up with legit reports. All the forms can be digitally signed and stored in the cloud for easy access. It ensures an easier audit process and compliance with government regulations.

Automation Saves Time in Every Task

Cflow is a workflow software you need to reduce stress, use less paper and have documentation of all invoices, customer details online for easy access. It ensures your employees work to their best efficiency and no longer have to fumble through tons of paperwork.

Cflow provides timely notifications, has pre-defined workflow templates, and allows you to create new ones on the fly. Once you adopt automation software, there is no coming back. It’s that good! Try Cflow for Free.

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