Public Form is a unique feature which is used to permit everyone with a link to use your application without being a registered user. The user may access a form that is available mostly on your public website or intranet. This feature is useful in situations where you wish to collect information from a number of people.

Public Form treats each initiator as a guest user and allows them to initiate and submit a request. The request then flows through the different process stages for review and approval.

Scenarios, where the Public Forms can be used, are Registration Forms, Feedback Forms, Survey Forms, Students Score Forms.

In this blog, I will take the example where a School wishes to convert the manual records of mark sheets of their 10th-grade students to electronic form. The mark sheet data sent by the students will then be verified by the school teacher and then approved by the Principal. Let’s assume that the school uses Cflow as their workflow automation software which automates your manual workflow processes in minutes.

Here the typical workflow involves online entry of the scores by the students, the total score calculation, review of the scores by the class teacher and approval by the school principal. This self-service mode of data collection and validation using an easily manageable online automated workflow delivers incredible benefits to the school in terms of admin man hours, student accountability, easier maintenance of information through automation and digital records.

The below screenshot will show how the Public Form feature can be set in your workflow using the Cflow application.

In the Workflow Properties screen of the Cflow application, there is a drop down to select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for the ‘Public Form’ feature.

When you select ‘Yes’, the ‘Public Form URL’ becomes visible and this URL can be embedded in other websites so that your guests can access the form and create a new request.

Cflow – Workflow Properties Screen (Control Center)

Control Center - Workflow Properties Screen

Website embedded with a link to the Public Form described in the Cflow application

Website embedded with a link to Cflow Public Form

On clicking the link ‘Please enter your score here’, the Public Form screen of the workflow ‘Board Exam Scores’ created in the Cflow application will open up for the guest users. They can enter their scores and click on the ‘Save’ button.

Public Form

School Public Form

The student score information will be sent to the Teacher for review and the teacher would also be notified by email of a new request in her queue. After the Teacher’s approval, the score data would be sent to the Principal. The Principal can approve to send this request to the END stage.

As shown in the below screenshot, the ‘Submitted By’ field will be filled in as Public as this was filled by a guest user.

Public form filled by a guest user

There a number of other use cases such as registration forms, customer service feedback forms, employee surveys and more that can use the Public Form feature. The rules for processing can be configured so that the requests are routed to the right people.

You can enhance Public Forms by adding custom validation and including dropdown lists and auto-populated field values. How do you collect information from your users and manage your process? We would love to hear from you in the comments section. In the meantime, try Public Form using our Cflow automation tool.

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