Your Sales Approval Process Needs Workflow Automation – This is Why

sales workflow automation process

The Sales team is the backbone of any organization and without their contribution, it’s not possible for a company to grow to great heights.

At the same time, sales team members are always smothered with decision-making, delays, and approvals that take a hefty amount of their time.

When a new lead is generated, when more discount percentage is required or invoices are sent to clients, there are usually bottlenecks at every point. Introducing automation to your sales process workflow is the key to success.

sales approval process workflow automation

1. How to do better lead management with workflow?

Leads are too many, be they paid leads, organic, or those generated through marketing campaigns. When the sales team finds themselves slammed in every direction by those numbers, a workflow can help to better lead management.

By segregating these leads based on sources, their genuine level, or those that are manually verified by a pre-sales team, it is easier to focus on what matters the most than waste time on everything that drops in their inbox or in the lead repository.

2. How to manage discounts with workflow?

Can your sales team make quick decisions when offering more discounts beyond a specified number?

Actually, they should be able to do that in order to attract more customers. However, such a step requires prior approval from team leaders, managers, and sometimes even the CEO in case of bulk orders.

sales discount process


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When a workflow is implemented in sales discount, conditional steps can be specified which will automatically bring the manager or TL inside the loop when their approval becomes mandatory for an increased discount for specific customers.

3. How to manage invoices with workflow?

There are so many important bills and files handled in an office on a daily basis. Out of the lot, invoices are the biggest of them all because even a small typo could lead to a huge loss or a brand’s integrity lost among clients.

When these invoices are being sent out, a workflow will make it easier to assign the people who should be approving it after thoroughly checking the details. The sales approval process ends when the invoice is generated and it should be carried out in a professional manner.

The automated invoice workflow ensures there are no errors, approvals are done on time and vendors are happy.

End-to-end workflow automation

Build fully-customizable, no code process workflows in a jiffy.

The Power of Workflow in Your Sales Approval Process

Consistency – Automated workflows improve consistency and ensure the processes are carried out in a streamlined manner

Improved Accuracy – The accuracy level of invoices, sales requests, and discounts offered will be on par with the company standards as they are reviewed by multiple decision-makers

Saves Time and Removes Bottlenecks – A lot of time spent in the manager or authorized personnel approval is saved which also removes bottlenecks and allows the sales team to focus on new leads

Sales Approval Process with Workflow Automation Software

Cflow is a flowchart-based workflow automation software and introducing it in your Sales approval process can bring about the desired change. The drag-and-drop interface allows every salesperson to easily use it while they no longer have to manually ping managers for approvals.

All the mitigations and arguments that internally take place will be moved to a streamlined platform where they can send sales requests back and forth until it reaches a completed form. Cflow acts as a powerful intermediate platform to help manage your leads, invoices, and other requests ensuring better workflow management.

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