Employee Onboarding Process

A Quick Guide for Employee Onboarding Processes.

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Strategic Approach: Employee Onboarding Process Steps to Follow and Implement

From an employee’s perspective, everything about a new job is exciting, challenging and most importantly, they commit to getting hired at any cost.

The location of your company, the tough interview process, multiple rounds they go through and compensation negotiations are all handled in the initial stage.

Once everything is done, the new joiner sometimes may have more than one option to choose from. Based on the company culture the HR executive projected, the job responsibilities and growth possibilities might inspire them to join your firm.

“Most new joiners choose to stay or quit a company in the first 6 months. The onboarding process and follow-up methods are the keys to retaining talent”

The Big Day

A new employee will step into your office on Day One with tons of expectations. They have personal career goals which they aim to achieve while contributing their fair share to the organization.

Be it a Monday or any other day, they must be greeted at the door and formally seated in the training room.

The candidates who are not promptly received and show the next steps in the employee onboarding process tend to have lower expectations or negative attitude towards the company they decide to join.

The HR team is to make sure the first big day is memorable, entertaining and informative, providing them a comprehensive overview of what to expect in the following days.

Proper Onboarding Process Saves Time and Investment

9 Key Steps to be Added in the Onboarding Process

Keep the list of documents ready to be signed

All the documents that they should sign including their original copies should be kept ready

Provide a warm welcome

If the HR executive is not available, consider assigning security personnel or another team member to welcome them when they arrive

Share a printed checklist of the plan

Provide a quick overview of what is to be done on day 1, day 2 and so on so that they can get a mental picture

Get ID cards ready

Most companies have a firm security process and the employee should be able to move around freely with temporary IDs for the first week

Connect them with the finance team

The finance team is responsible for salary processing and make sure they provide the necessary details with regards to their bank account

Assign a co-op buddy

Based on the experience of the employee, assign another recently joined person or someone in their job role who can help them understand the company culture

Organize an intro game

While this is not a mandatory step, breaking the stereotype professional onboarding process can go a long way in impressing newcomers to stay for long

Keep mock projects ready

Being able to start working on day one can be exciting and motivating. So provide them some smaller or mock projects to get a hang of their job role

Move at a slow pace

Instead of trying to cram in everything on day one, give them time to refresh and get accustomed. Onboarding process steps can go anywhere from a week to a month based on your strategic plans

Automated Solutions

Adopting an automated hr workflow software in handling employee onboarding steps can help immensely. Cflow is powerful workflow management software that allows you to create multiple workflows for different teams that they should follow diligently.

The finance team will receive requests to deploy the salary account while the admin team will receive the employee’s photograph and details to print the ID card.

The entire process is automated as soon as new joiner steps in which reduces strain on the working population while eliminating errors and delays caused by lack of communication.

Cflow can also help maintain all documents collected from a new joiner in the cloud so that they are easy to retrieve and becomes part of the company’s digital database from their date of joining.

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