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What is No Code Platform?

The name says it all! Not all web savvy users can be coders and every employee is an organization cannot be a programmer which is why no code becomes an essential aspect.

If You Can See it, You Can Do it

Everything about Cflow is completely visual and we have made things simple so that the administrator of the software, whoever it is can create workflows quickly. Your employees don’t need any special training to use our software.

The intuitive user interface is easy to understand, there is a quick tutorial page and support whenever you need it. We not only make apps easy but also fun so that you can create as many workflows as your organization requires without any difficulty.

Cflow – Workflow Automation Reengineered

Cflow is a No Code Development Platform – right from the start and will help you create workflows within matter of minutes. Everything is simplified with a visual UI builder. Drag and drop functionalities save you time and you no longer have to feel frustrated or lost because you don’t ‘code’.

Automate Your Business, You Don’t Need to be a Programmer to do it

Programming is found in every aspect of an organization and business. Almost every business that is carried out in this digital era is dependent on the web to reach customers worldwide. While we understand that computers and internet is an essential part of expanding your business, coding is not!

Not everyone has to be a programmer because their job role never warrants them to learn codes. So, are they supposed to be in the dark when it comes to using software programs?

Not at all!

With Cflow, you can easily automate your business but you don’t need to be a programmer to do it. When you are the head of your business or an employee with years of experience, you obviously know the in and out of your business processes.

Our workflow automation software is designed to automate and streamline your business. The drag and drop design allows you to create workflows quickly without any coding. You don’t need technical support to do this all and it should be that way. That’s what our no-code application does

Why Choose No-Code Platform?

  • Easy to Use – No-code workflow automation software is easy to use. You can assign any employee in your organization as the administrator and they can quickly create workflows for different teams.
  • Cost efficient – Building completely new software from the ground up is expensive and could cost thousands of $$$. Besides, hiring experienced programmers or coders to help you out every time, is still expensive when compared to using existing resources. No-code application is the least expensive and provides great ROI by helping you streamline your work.
  • Drag n Drop Interface – Creating new workflows could have never been this easy. Drag and drop boxes wherever you need them to get going.
  • Easy to Implement – When you can create multiple workflows in minutes, it’s easy to implement in hours than days or weeks. Streamline different departments in your organizations immediately so that they can work more efficiently.
  • Efficient and Visually Appealing to Use – Cflow workflow automation software deploys no-code development which is efficient and fun to use. You can come up with beautiful workflows that provide every information at a glance.
  • No Maintenance Required – There is no need to hire programmers to help you maintain the application. No costs or downtime yet it offers highest level of reliability and security for your workflow processes.
    Cflow is a no-code workflow development application that could revolutionize and re-engineer your workflow processes. Sign up as a free user to see how powerful the program is and join our league of happy customers.