Does the long-going debate continue as technical experts and organizational leaders want to know which one is the best of both – Workflow or Process builder?

In a detailed comparison of Workflow vs Process builder, it is easy to say that neither of them will win immediately because their application drastically varies from one another.

Before you venture into understanding what makes them different, why not know the similarities first?

  1. Workflow and Process Builder uses a visual user interface making it easier even for non-technical people to understand the process
  2. Both these tools support drag and drop feature allowing users to easily add or remove fields on the go
  3. Automation is the key point that they are designed to achieve and they do it with their unique characteristics

Now that you have understood the similarities between Workflow and Process builder, it’s time for the next step. Apart from these things, there are hardly any features to compare because these two technologies are used in entirely different areas of automation.

Definition of Workflow

The term workflow denotes the process of automating redundant processes, streamlining daily tasks, and easing communication between employees through a unified platform. When repetitive tasks are pushed through a workflow automation software, they are easier to keep track of, do automated notifications, and take less time to be completed besides saving precious manpower in an organization.

Definition of Process Builder

Process Builder is a system designed and devised by Salesforce, the popular CRM software to automate business processes. The builder used a visual representation of the workflow being handled and allowed non-technical people to easily create, add or remove fields based on their requirements. It favors automation for complex processes and has an in-depth customization feature.

Types of Tasks Workflow Can Handle

  • Create Process Flow
  • Task Management
  • Email Alert
  • Automated Approvals
  • New or Update Existing Field
  • Send Outbound Message

Types of Processes Process Builder Can Handle

  • Trigger Apex Code
  • Create Record
  • Email Alerts
  • Trigger a Flow
  • Post to Chatter
  • Submit for Approval
  • Quick Actions

While at first look Process Builder may seem it has more features and a better program, in reality, it’s not! The true purpose behind the program is to be able to create complex workflow rules, do business-specific processes, and indulge in calling Apex methods.

Most organizations, especially startups and medium businesses may hardly be willing to spend so much on acquiring a Process Builder which doesn’t have the capability to handle bulk tasks or everyday repetitive programs.

The simple fact that Workflow is adopted by millions of businesses across the globe stands true to the fact that it is the more versatile, readily usable, and business-friendly approach to automation.

Workflow vs Process Builder – Your Choice?

Process Builder is designed primarily to handle a specific task with more complex configuration tasks and can never be implemented in a bulk scenario. A medium or large organization cannot do bulk employee onboarding, invoice approvals, or automate the leave approval process using it. While it is being said that it doesn’t require technical expertise, handling bulk codes or multiple records using Process Builder is difficult as a wrong setup could backfire.

Workflow, however, is easy to use, readymade application any organization could implement and start using in a couple of hours. You can easily create a workflow to onboard new employees or vendors with specific fields. All they have to do is fill up the forms and the data will be automatically updated in a centralized server. It automatically sends notifications and can be used in day-to-day tasks for immediate results.

Cflow is one such workflow management software that is affordable, works right out of the box, and is designed to help automate your business processes in an efficient manner. Workflow software is a bare essential for any organization to get things going and its affordable price tag makes it all the easier to adopt.

Start using Workflow in your organization and you can start witnessing the difference it makes in your redundant tasks. Try Cflow 14 days Free trial.

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