Sales and Marketing.

Newsletter, Press release, Business enquiry, Travel request, and so on.

The sales and marketing function plays an important role in business growth and success. Streamlining key sales and marketing tasks like blog content review, ecommerce tracking, product catalog update, etc. by automation helps improve operational efficiency and productivity.

Newsletter Approval

Approval of publication of the business newsletter can be automated to save time

Press Release Approval

Articles listed for press release can be automatically released based on pre-set rules

Blog Content Review

Automated review of blog content gives the sales team time to improve content quality

Ecommerce Order Tracking

Real-time tracking of ecommerce orders is possible by automating the process

Business Enquiry

Automatic routing of business enquiries to the sales team ensures timely response to enquiries

Travel Request

Travel requests submitted by the sales and marketing team can be automatically approved so that work is not disrupted

Sales Discount Approval

Sales discounts can be approved automatically based on preset business rules

Marketing Collateral Review

Review of marketing collateral can be automated to present a better image of the brand

Sales Incentive Claim

Automating approval of sales incentive claims for completed orders saves significant amount of time

Product Catalog Update

Automation of product catalog update improves the quality of products delivered to customers

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