IT Operations.

Support process, IT Asset Management, Task assignment, Bug tracking, and so on.

Seamless coordination of IT operations is essential for the success of every organization. Most of the departments of the organization rely on IT support. Automating these key IT processes saves time and money for the business.

Support Process

Tracking and solving IT service requests can be effectively automated for seamless IT support

Meeting – Action Items

Action items – effective documentation of meeting action items can be automated to save time and effort

Work Order

Handling IT work orders effectively through automation improves maintenance operations significantly

Task Assignment

Automating task assignment brings clarity and simplifies day-to-day business operations

Project Management

Mundane tasks in project management can be automated to relieve the managers from unproductive work

Bug Tracker

Automated tracking of bugs saves the IT team significant time and effort and lets them focus on speedy resolution

MS Office License Request

Automated approval for MS Office license requests saves time for IT teams

Application Lock Reset

Resetting the application locks for employees improves productivity of the team

IT Assets Management

Automating IT asset management ensures optimal resource utilization and prevents misuse of resources

Email Storage Archive Request

Automated approval of email storage archive requests from employees saves time for IT

Shared Folder Access Request

Granting access to shared folders can be automated effectively

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