Admin & Human Resources.

Employee onboarding, Recruitment process, Expense reimbursement, and so on.

Managing human resources and performing administrative tasks is an integral part of any business. Some of the HR and Admin tasks are repetitive and time consuming. Automating tedious human resource management tasks like recruitment, employee onboarding, compensation management, and employee exit management improves efficiency and productivity. Mundane admin tasks like vehicle request processes, expense reimbursement, leave approval, etc. can be effectively automated with Cflow.

Employee Onboarding

Speedy and smooth employee onboarding helps improve brand image and employee experience

Leave Application Process

Timely approval of leave applications improves project execution by ensuring optimal resource utilization

Recruitment Process

Automating key recruitment tasks like skill assessment accelerates the hiring process

Vehicle Request Process

Timely approval of vehicle requests is essential for logistics and transport planning

Team Activity Planner

Automation of team activity planning standardizes and streamlines project execution

Timesheet Approval Process

Timely approval of employee timesheets provides dual advantage of accurate billing and work allocation

Expense Reimbursement

Approval of employee reimbursement requests promotes better employee experience

Employee Data Change

Maintaining and updating employee records can be done accurately by automating data updation

Employee Exit Process

A smooth and seamless employee exit possess boots the brand image significantly

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