Finance and Accounting.

Check payment request, Capex request, and so on.

Accuracy and reliability is paramount in finance and accounting processes. Manual finance and accounting methods are prone to errors and inconsistencies that prove costly for the business. Cflow automates the finance and accounting process by eliminating tedious, repetitive manual processes. Important finance and accounting processes like Capex approvals or invoice approvals are often delayed due to lack of visibility over the status of the tasks. Automating these processes improves the visibility and efficiency by setting automation rules for validation and approvals. Timely payment and invoice approvals help in establishing strong customer relationships.

Accounts Payable

Keep track of the outstanding bills for services or goods purchased and avoid duplicate payments or incorrect payments.

Accounts Receivable

To keep track of the outstanding invoices, set automatic reminders for follow-up to ensure that payment is collected before the due date.

Loan Approval Process

Streamline the loan application process and customize the approval flow with zero coding.

Check Payment Request

Payment requests are submitted by various teams in the office and by external vendors can be validated and approved automatically.

Client Invoicing

Invoices submitted by clients can be automatically validated and approved by setting preset rules for invoice amount validation.

Capex Approvals

Speedy Capex approvals are important for business success. Automating the validation and approval of Capex requests improves business outcomes

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