Newsletter Approval

Sending newsletters in a timely manner helps keep your customer stay in touch with product updates, new features and offers. Cflow automates the approval processes and sends reminders to make sure you keep up your schedule. Collaborate and get the best work done.

Newsletter approval
Marketing collateral review

Marketing Collateral Review

Come up with creative ideas, create engaging marketing collateral and share it with the entire team. Our platform allows you to work with team members and choose the best designs.

Press Release Approval

Got a new product or a statement to make to the press? Let your marketing team work on it and forward it to the manager/ team leader for approval. Get those PRs out in time.

Press release approval
Blog content review

Blog Content Review

Posting informative and interesting blogs to engage your audience is now made easy. Create blog content, share comments, review them and approve to get them posted in time.

Business Enquiry

Keep track of all the business enquiries you receive from potential customers. Integrate with your CRM or build your own CRM using Cflow. Create the flow that can change as your organization grows and your needs change.

Business enquiry
Sales discount approval

Sales Discount Approval

Discounts are always welcome! Make sure your sales reps can update discount requests as they receive them and don’t wait forever for approvals. Have data flow seamlessly between your CRM of choice and Cflow.

Sales Incentive Claim

Motivate your employees better with sales incentives. Have your top performers request for incentives and approve them in a timely manner to encourage them to achieve more milestones.

Sales incentive claim
Ecommerce order tracking

eCommerce Order Tracking

Keep your customers notified of their orders. With Cflow’s eCommerce order tracking, you can easily keep them updated and such value added features lead to better customer satisfaction.

eCommerce Product Catalog Update

Maintain your product inventory with product catalog update, keep track of product availability, quantity and pricing – all-in-one place to manage your eCommerce business.

Ecommerce product catalog update

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